Sunday 5 April 2009


Sorry to bang on about the holiday but...

The photo's are starting to filter through, to my computer and to the worldwide internet monster- where people I might not want to see pictures of being looking pale and larger than I might like in swimsuits can do just that.

There are also some pictures of me post sea sickness, hungover, in the process of getting a hangover and many where I look like I need a whole bottle of frizz ease applied to my hair immediately.

I like to think I am a good sport about photo's, I don't untag from any unless they are truly terrifying. However all this has got me thinking- do I not like photo's because they tell a truth I don't want to hear? When I look in the mirror I don't hate what I see, yes I could be taller, slimmer, more white teethed, sleeker haired etc but basically I tend to leave the house thinking I look fairly good. When I see photo's I wonder do I have the opposite of body dismorphia- do I see myself in the mirror as smaller and more attractive where some people see themselves as bigger and less attractive?

Sometimes I really hate the camera.


ScentScelf said...

I went through this last winter, when I was notified that I had been tagged in a picture. Turns out a dear friend had posted some pictures from a shared beach vacation...happy times...but wasn't necessariy expecting pics to be taken. Certainly not to be posted for various levels of friends/networks to take a look at.

Were the pictures unfair? That is subject to different answers. Towards one end of the scale, they were...honest. Towards the other, they were...uncomfortable. I really don't think there's anything wrong with choosing which "face" to present to a more public forum; after all, we don't go anywhere in the very casual clothes with the unwashed hair...but if we do go to the mailbox, or to the grocery store, the goal is not to have that presentation be a legacy.

Go ahead and limit those posted pictures however you feel comfortable.


Rose said...

Scentscelf, thanks for your message, it's nice to know other people feel the same.

It's not that I want to be bad humoured and I don't mind photo's of me pulling silly faces and that sort of thing but there is something about unflaterring beach photo's isn't there?!

That said they are probably also a good wake up call... perhaps the creamy cocktails and pizza lunches on holiday are not the path to looking slim in photo's...