Sunday 10 May 2009

Geranium Pour Monsieur- first thoughts

I managed to get a spritz of the new Frederic Malle scent Geranium Pour Monsieur as I flew through Liberty yesterday evening.

I have only my memories of the scent in the air and the dry down on my hands but my first reaction was- mint! sweet mint with the expansive quality of eucalyptus and the freshness of soap. As the scent dries down the minty soap is mingled with the earthy, even slightly sultry scent of geranium that I can see leads you towards a fougere (this is apparently a kind of fougere update).

I think I would wear this and I think I would be very interested in a man who did. It's like a bespoke Saville Row suite on a beautifully turned out avante garde artist or actor. Very good- and very more- ish.


vicki archer said...

I had a little smell of this scent and I thought it delicious too, xv.

Rose said...

isn't it, i was a bit surprised, I love geranium but the initial mint took me by surprise.

now i think it's great!

I have meaning to say I loved your posts about bookshops- I'm just heading to your blog to do just that.