Tuesday 13 April 2010

Ally Capellino and Liberty of London

2010 marks the 30th anniversary of the ever cool, ever young Ally Capellino and in April the company are having 30 days of celebration for 30 years in business.

Ally has collaborated with long- term stockist and Rose favourite Liberty of London for the anniversary producing two re-worked styles exclusively for them- and both are lined with Liberty fabric- which obviously means I want one if not both.

For men Ally's Frank rucksack has been produced in soft blue leather and contrasting tan leather buckles.

For the women the bag pictured has been created using a design from Ally’s archive and reworked in soft brown leather, again with contrasting satchel buckles.

Liberty will house an installation in the main stairwell, starting on the men’s floor, it will wind its way upwards, to be glimpsed also from the women’s floor. The display will act as a taster of the full installation at The Wapping Project, which you can read about on Ally's website here.


Emily said...

That is so exciting as I always love going to the Wapping Project for some dinner and art:) Thanks so much for pointing this out to me! I don't know Ally Cappelino at all so it should be a new discovery for me x LZ

jane said...

Love the Ally Capellino bags I've seen on sale at the Tate shop - so well made and classic. Liberty lined? sign me up! Have never been to the Wapping project, sounds excellent.

That's Not My Age said...

Love Ally Capellino and very much looking forward to the retrospective.

Rose said...

Hi Emily- I think you'd really like Ally Capellino- beautifully made- and yes the Wapping Projection- very cool!

Hi Jane- I know I love AC bags anyway but Liberty lined- well that would cheer you up every time you opened your bag wouldn't it!

Hi That's Not My Age- yes me also- hope you enjoy

Metropolitan Mum said...

The bags look very much 'now', I think I really should go and pay Liberty a visit. I haven't been there for too long anyway :)

Rose said...

Hi MM- oh you would love it I think! I would love to meet you for a coffee but I am quite chained to the desk- it might be do- able though!