Wednesday 6 April 2011

Desert Island Discs archive podcasts

I have been rather absent but I have lots of exciting posts coming up about perfume (of course), books, ballet and more.

In my absence I have been particularly enjoying listening to the Desert Island Discs archive podcasts; there are so many fascinating people to listen to- particularly I found the people I didn't know so well- the scientists, war veterans and so on that are featured on the show alongside the very famous.

You can find them all here or on i- tunes.

Have a lovely weekend.

(The picture isn't a desert island, but it's a kind of peaceful paradise on the Gower in south Wales).


slowdownapproaching30 said...

Desert island discs is a lovely sunday indulgence! I know Gower so well, I grew up there... would love to be there today!

Metropolitan Mum said...

You are such a funny and quirky person, my dear Rose. Who else but you would find pleasure in listening to scientists and war veterans? It's so you and so sweet, it makes me smile from one ear to the other. I only hope there were more people like you.

Rose said...

Hi SDAT- Gower is beautiful, so astonishingly big and wild and lovely- I had a really wonderful time there

Hi MM- ha ha I know!