Tuesday 21 June 2011


I'm a bit obsessed with old fashioned, over sized jars, cookery equipment and above all dispensers for lemonade. I have one precious lemonade jar I bought in Habitat or somewhere in a sale years ago but I love these drinks dispensers and drink dispenser stands from the Pottery Barn in the States. They give prices in pounds and ship to the UK but it may well cost more than what you are buying I would have thought.

I love the open looking ones but I'm particularly obsessed with the Nautical sailor dispenser. I would like to make lavender lemonade to serve from it. Sigh.

*This whole post is very clearly inspired by Found it. Loved it. from Divine Caroline which I recommend signing up to because it is filled with goodness.


JoAnne Bassett said...

I have a glass dispenser. Love it. Great for keeping all sorts of beverages cold...and pretty to display with the fruit floating and the beautiful colors of juice or tea.

Jayne said...

Lavendar lemonade? Mmm. I love the look of that lemonade in the picture, all those lemons floating around. I think I love it as I love the idea of my life 'if I had a lemonade dispenser'. I sort of imagine all my troubles would be over!

Metropolitan Mum said...

How I love Pottery Barn!! And how I'd love to have one of these dispenser. Although I was thinking more along the lines of white wines than lemonade... :) xx

ScentScelf said...

How odd...I saw the picture first, and thought, "ah, one of those things I have coveted for years but never gotten."

Come to find out, Rose likes dispensers, too.