Wednesday 21 December 2011

Christmas Rev

The final episode of season 2 of Rev- which was also a Christmas episode- was everything I wanted it to be. I don't think anyone sensible who has seen the programme needs to be told this- but because last night, full of virus and after a difficult day Adam and his friends and family made my face and my heart smile- I am talking about it anyway.

This programme is a tiny nugget of joy, a simple, sometimes gentle but always sharply accurate picture of life when you're trying your best in London- that it happens to be about a Rev is to some extent by the by. That said I think the portrayal of the Reverend Adam Smallbone as a very real human being is doing an enormous amount for certainly this person's view of the church.

I am biased because Rev is filmed all over where I live but I think it would make me chuckle if I lived in Alaska just as well- though perhaps not the bits about bike etiquette on London roads or the dirty cornershops that are more expensive than Fortnum's.

So anyway, my point is Rev is utter joy and Christmas Rev was everything I wanted it to be. Hooray. Happy Advent (and then Christmas) to everyone- must try not to use midnight mass as the religious equivalent of a kebab (I don't even like kebabs and I love carols).


Anonymous said...

I LOVE REV and I love Tom Hollander - such a brilliant actor. He's sort of under the radar a bit which I think is a terrible shame as he's so talented and really brought the character of Rev alive. He's also the only character who sticks in my mind from Gosford Park, and seeing as his part was tiny, that says a lot.

Last night's episode was lovely and also very moving. My flatmate and I cried at the end! As I move in church circles I can say that this is a very realistic portrayal of the challenges of working in a church in modern day London and I love how honest Adam is about his doubts and his failings. I also love how there are no happy endings or neatly tied up stories - for example Colin is still a homeless drunk because Adam doesn't have the power to change him.

I want Rev to win loads of awards because it deserves it - it's fantastic.

That's Not My Age said...

I love Rev too. It's brilliant. So gentle and real. Had a feeling that his wife would get pregnant at Christmas.

Mystica said...

I have just been introduced to this programme in Melbourne. Love it.

Flare the Cat said...

Thank you forr sharing this