Saturday 28 January 2012


Marilyn Monroe's face is never far from our minds but having recently seen My Week With Marilyn I have been thinking about her more. Hers is the face I think of when I imagine a beautiful, feminine woman. The film also made me realise that she as stylish too, she wore quite simple, classic clothes in colours that worked for her most of the time and when she dressed up, she really dressed up.

There are probably women who were or are technically more naturally beautiful, more quirky certainly, who perhaps have or had higher IQs and certainly who were happier but she was truly beautiful and her enigma and star quality are unquestionable, even after so many decades. She had a grace and a uniqueness that I know I don't and won't have.

But we can all try to be our best- as Marilyn did- she wasn't an advocate or bed hair or the no make up look. This Emerald Street article about Marilyn Monroe's beauty secrets is so interesting- it shows that even someone who really didn't have to try did everything she could to look her best. I am going to try and highlight my face just like Norma- Jean to see if I can capture a whisper of her vivacity. I might also dab on some Chanel No 5 in her honour.

Image from from the blog Kiss and Make- Up.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Marilyn truly was lovely with her feminine, luminescent beauty. I've not seen this film, it sounds interesting.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Marilyn, oh Marilyn. I am sitting here without a scrape of make-up on, and I know she would so disapprove of me like that. Loved the beauty tips on Emerald Street.

jeska said...

lovely thoughts x

Young at Heart said...

so so beautiful....watched SOme Like it Hot last week.....again....gobsmackingly gorgeous!!