Sunday 19 February 2012

Books: Pear Shaped

I am now the owner of a Kindle. As I said earlier today I do feel like I'm betraying books but I have also read more in the last week than I have the rest of the year so far- and that feels very good. I have made an oath that if I love a book I read on the Kindle book crack machine I will buy a physical copy of it- because it is nicer to read books whatever anyone says and if I love a book I will re read it. Also if you enjoy a book you want to spread the joy and lend the book to people and you can't do that with a download (and that my friends is worth remembering when we are paying the often cheaper online book price).

So this week I've been reading a delightful book called Pear Shaped by Stella Newman, writer, food writer and, I've learned, go to person for recipe and restaurant recommendations in London and New York.
Pear Shaped is about Sophie, a pudding developer (seriously, why don't the careers advisers at school tell you that is a real job) who is single and living in London

The book is primarily about dessert and love- with side orders of New York and London. To me this is all good, there are days and weeks when you need books like this. Books that make you smile, make you feel like you aren't the only one who has bad days at work, bad weeks at work, that tell you you aren't the only one who doesn't understand men or always do the right thing and heroines that sometimes eat toast for dinner- with added recommendations for puddings you've never eaten before (hello compost cookies, we need to meet).

Stella Newman writes a blog which features some of the delicious sounding food in Pear Shaped. You can read her blog here- though be warned you will want to start baking almost immediately.


Karen Jones Gowen said...

This book sounds wonderful, just the kind of thing I'd enjoy. I love the title and the cover art :)

Regina said...

This book sounds great!
How is the kindle? I thought of one but the thought of physically turning a page is much better!

Vanessa said...

This sounds like just my kind of read, and interestingly, I baked my first cake in 25 years only the other day. Well, more of a pancake/cake hybrid to be honest, but as it was around Shrove Tuesday, a multi-tasking baked good is no bad thing I figured, however it arose (or didn't arise, more like!)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Sounds just like my cup of custard :)

Rose said...

Karen- do you have a kindle? it's 99p!

MissRY- love the kindle but love books more- you get lots read on the kindle, I think it's an additional thing, never to replace books or bookshops

Vanessa- yay for the 25 years in the making cake, how wonderful. I find baking is better than therapy or yoga or any of it- this has lots of recipes as well as the story

MM- lending this to you!!