Wednesday 15 August 2012

Making me...

Making me thirsty: tea inspired by Penhaligon's new scent Peoneve

Making my heart happy: Under the Westway by Blur (and their concert in Hyde Park on Sunday, the sound could have been better but Blur were immense).

Making my toe tap: of monsters and men

Making me want to get out of the city: This post about Lavender fields by the Sneaky Magpie

Making me pin! Ice cream lock (so funny... and I need one)

Making me proud: The UK and London for putting on a great Olympics London 2012

Making me cry: Those adverts on channel 4 about the Super humans, I can't wait for the Paralympics

Making me hungry: Greedy ice cream (try the mango!)


Metropolitan Mum said...

Mhm. I love a post that ends with ice cream. And they licked happily ever after.

(And this sounds really really bad, as I've just realised, haha.)

Young at Heart said...

oooh I would like to try a bit of that goat action!!

Natalie said...

I agree re: of monsters and men. It's been the soundtrack of August for me. Also agree about the olympics and paralympics. I can't wait to see some of the coverage.

Sneaky Magpie said...

Glad the lavender fields were inspiring! I hope to visit them again in scorching heat.

Flower Power said...

Oh, goat ice cream?! I'm renouncing dairies at large at the moment (ice cream tends to just put me down, I don't know if it's the overload of sugar, the lactose or the casein... whatever) but I have to say I'd be curious to try that one!! :D