Monday, 27 January 2014

Running away to Rye

 For a recent birthday I chose to run away from London to Sussex to relax, drink wine (and local cider), read books, listen to Louis, Ella and Nina, to not check my phone every 2 minutes and to not have to arrange a party- I can't recommend it enough (though I do always love a party, don't misunderstand me, just not people moaning that they don't have money in January, aren't drinking or 'funning' and so on, I know it's a tricky time but I can't help when I was born).

Anyway this is beautiful Winchelsea beach and you can see more of the escape on Sussex Pinterest board. 

PS. If you ever go to Rye please visit @LionStreetStore, it's beautiful curated and full (but not too full) of the kind of cool things that some people would say you can only find in London postcodes, East London postcodes specifically- well it's not true.

Also visit  The Ship Inn for food, drink and (strong) local cider (though in bottles) and a truly great fish pie (with buttered kale, oh yes).

For coffee AND shopping in one place I really liked the Old Grain Store in Rye harbour, lovely people with a great assortment of gifts, home ware, candles (and some gorgeous Christmas cushions I nabbed in the sale).


Metropolitan Mum said...

We need to run away together one day. Let's plan a girlie spa trip, what do you say? xx

Marie said...

A belated happy birthday. This sounds an utterly divine way to spend a birthday. One year other half and I went to La Rochelle for a long weekend and filled up on seafood, wine and peace. It was fabulous.

Rose said...

MM- I say that would be fantastic!

Marie- Thank you so much, it was really good yes, I love London but this year it felt right to have a little time away