Thursday 28 August 2008

How the Dalmation got her spots

I want this print- lots!

It's by artist Sonia Rollo and you can read more about her here

I saw the print in the window of a closed gallery/ shop on the Lower Richmond Road in Putney and have been thinking back about it ever since.

I think the falling leaves are very appropriate at the moment... London definitely feels more Autmunal now. There's a chill in the morning and the evening and the light has changed so that whatever the weather everything seems a little darker.

I'm not sure we have had enough of a Summer this year but I am looking forward to a long and glorious Autumn- and already thinking of wearing my heavier perfumes.


Unknown said...

Lucky you are getting to look forward to Autumn right now, right now I am dealing with a week that has been in the hundreds.

Rose said...

Yes I do love Autumn, although I want to keep wearing sandals for as long as possible!

I like the heat but it's only really nice when you don't have to do anything- trying to concentrate on work is really hard when it gets over about 95 for me so I sympthathise!

Unknown said...

See that is the problem, with winter and autumn you can't wear sandals and I consider myself a winter/autumn child (especially autumn, because I was born in october) and I love having my feet feel open air.

By the way I forgot, that print is really cute!