Friday 22 August 2008

Perfumer at home: Lynn Harris

Following on from my earlier post I remembered I had bookmarked this piece from the Independent about the perfumer Lynn Harris' home in North London.

I thought it would make good reading over the bank holiday.


Unknown said...

You know what I love about her home it actually looks like a home, yes it is supertidy, but you can actually tell it is a real home and not something made up for a catalog photo. You can really tell with the details in the kitchen (the overcrowded countertop and the jars of grains and rice, not filled to the top but at random heights).

Rose said...

Yes it looks like a home with a good atmosphere and where you can relax.

I hadn't noticed about the jars but you're right and it's so true.

Perfumeshrine said...

It does make good reading (hope over). Don't you love how these home photos are always so well turned out, though?
With kids, I doubt those spaces look so fetching all the time. Or candles lit etc.

Rose said...

Hi Helg, I'm glad it makes good reading.
I know I thought it was a bizarrely tidy. It's obviously how her home looks but with all the clutter stuffed in cupboards for the day!
I'm sure I would do the same so I can't blame her- but it would be great to have some pictures of a well known person's home with piles of books on desks and some washing up to be done!