Wednesday 10 September 2008

My Guerlain

I keep taking the discover your fragrance test on Guerlain's website but I don't feel that I am finding my fragrance!

I have taken it about 3 times now and it keeps telling me that I want a fragrance to freshen up- but I don't! I want it to tell me my perfect Guerlain is L'heure Bleu, Apres L'Ondee or Nahema. But no it tells me that I should like the Aqua Allegoria range and all the Guerlain Eaus. It's funny how people think your taste in perfume should conform to type, so you like the outdoors, you like light fresh scents, you have brown hair you must like exotic scents and so on.

Now I do like the Eaus for what they are but they're not really scents I think of as 'me', lovely as they are. The Aqua Allegoria's are scents I always want to love but they never quite grip me.

Anyway the quiz is quite fun even if it doesn't match you up with your favourite. You can take it here.

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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- I took the test at Guerlain and it was so much fun! I found it hard to pick between the four choices because in some cases I liked everything (sponge cake, rose sorbet, citrus salad and spicy food? Don't make me pick!)

But in the end they told me that I use fragrance mainly to "seduce" which I also find hilarious. I think this is because I said I like to lay by the pool...

They suggested some of your favorites for me: Insolence, L'instant de Guerlain, Shalimar, Samsara, L'heure Bleue and Nahema.

I actually have samples of Shalimar and Mitsouko (sp) on the way to my house right now as I was just thinking last week I needed to pick a Guerlain scent.

Unknown said...

Personally, Rose you seem like a L'Heure Bleau wearer to me, I suggest ignore the test wholely, most likely based on age. But now I am off to go take it.

Unknown said...

Okay I eat my words, considering it never once asked age, and apparently I am a "Dare" and the real truth I can't wear Guerlain feminine fragrances (I suspect it is the famous guerlinade), wear as I have better luck with their masculines (Vetiver and L'Instant pour homme).

Rose said...

Daily Connoisseur
It's fun isn't it, although the questions could be a lot better. I struggled with the food too but went for the rose sorbet.
I hope you like the samples, I really like both of those. Mitsouoko I find particularly enigmatic and the peach note is sublime. I don't have a bottle but it's definitely on the wish list!

Rose said...

Hi Jenavira,

That's interesting- the quiz doesn't seem very accurate if we both feel it's wrong!

You are right, I love L'heure Bleu most of all my Guerlain loves I think.

Let's ignore the test!

The Vetiver is great, I have never tried L'Instant Pour Homme but think I will. There is something very cool about women wearing men's fragances.

ScentScelf said...


I've taken a few "what's your scent" tests, and found myself re-taking them multiple times, varying my answers to either try to get a desired result OR to try to best reflect "who I am."

And isn't this part of the fun of wear it to "be ourselves," OR to try on something maybe a little bit beside, or even beyond, us... ? :)

Rose said...

Yes half the fun is wearing something that is a bit unexpected.
As I think I have said elsewhere if I was an actress I would definitely use scent to try and get me closer to a character for this reason, that it can change your character/ outlook when you wear it.

Perfumeshrine said...

I remember the test has some serious mishaps, in that if you like X, you won't like Y. And what happens to insatiable souls like mine who want them (almost) all? (Guerlains are usually very simpatico).

Eau de Guerlain is a beauty (not really like an Eau, but a citrusy top floral with autumnal touches at the base) and I highly recommend Chant d'Aromes as well: it's the perfect tender, milky aldhydic floral of a quiet resonance.
Also have you tried Ylang et Vanille and Winter Delice from the Aquas? They were among the better ones (now discontinued, naturally!):-)

Rose said...

Hi Helg,
I'm like you- I want them all really. I do need to be more thorough about revisiting some of the Guerlains. I tend to get caught up in my favourites whenever I'm at the Guerlain counter.

No I haven't tried those Aquas but have literally just been trying to find some Winter Delices for a reasonable price on the internet as I love winter and this sounds right up my street from reviews!

I might extend the search to some Ylang et Vanille as well.