Wednesday 8 October 2008

Dans Tes Bras

Yes I finally got my wish fulfilled and tested Dans Tes Bras (In Your Arms) by Maurice Roucel for Frederic Malle last night.

I am very happy to report that I very much enjoyed being in these arms. I do have a cold but I am having much more trouble than is usual breaking down the scent components but the overall effect of wearing this so far has been a happy inner glow at smelling so good! I definitely get violet and musk and heliotrope. The lady at Liberty said that the scent is supposed to smell like skin that has been in the sun- and to some extent it does- but not at all in the way of scents that smell of someone who has been on the beach wearing sun cream. The scent isn't heavy but it's certainly blooming on my skin in the quite crisp autumn weather we're having today and I am thinking of it as more of a winter scent.

I think this has great sillage but in a whispering rather than shouting way. Sitting on the bus last night I did keep thinking what is that lovely smell, thinking I could smell the perfume but also someone else's that was mixing with it as the smell in the air wasn't the smell on my skin. I soon realised that the captivating scent was the perfume and that it smells better from a little distance than when your nose is pressed up against your wrist! So I suppose it is a little like walking around being wrapped in a wonderful embrace, what a wonderful idea.

Sadly this is all but washed off today but it lingers on my coat- and my nose is often to be found buried in my sleeve! My coat's scent has already been complimented as well!

Dan Tes Bras picture courtesy of:

American Soldier and English Girlfriend Blissfully Embracing on Lawn in Hyde Park originally from LIFE archives and found courtesy of:


Unknown said...

Love the image you used for this. This definately beginning to sound like an interesting list.

Rose said...

Hi Jenavira, Thank- you, I was looking for a really good picture of an embrace and was so pleased when I found this one.