Friday 17 October 2008

Stop and smell the roses

Before I jumped down the rabbit hole into a whole new world of niche fragrances and more unusual combinations I was a real rose scent lover.

I've realised that as I have become more interested and sometimes obsessed with other notes I have tended to rather ignore my old favourite- and namesake.

I still use quite a lot of rose based skincare as it seems to work on my English rose (for that read very pale and sensitive) skin. It was while testing the delicious Jurlique rose scented products I realised I had forgotten to appreciate rose of late.

When I thought about why this is it's because the beauty industry has had such a crush on it for the last few years. I am particularly thinking of the fragrance industry here as skincare has contained rose for years because of it's benefits to skin.

The new crush is obviously woody and all of the scent companies are bringing out their woody scent now (Magnifique, Sensuous etc).

The more I thought about this the more angry this made me. Scent companies (and I mean the more mainstream ones here generally) are literally using up all our interested in a note or type of scent and then will just fling the throw away scents they have created aside when it suits them (I don't think Valentino Rock and Rose is going to be talked about in fifty years time...)

Stop and Smell the roses and other lovely retro prints available from:


Unknown said...

Ah, rose is one of my favorites too. Along with Osmanthus and Orange Blossom, it is one of my favorite floral notes. Out of curiosity which rose fragrances do you wear?

ScentScelf said...

No can combine your new interest in niche with your long term interest in rose. Fredrick Malle Une Rose, for example, is a gorgeous "true" rose. The Rosine line does lots of things with rose (exclusively). And you can try to hunt down a bottle of Lancome Mille et Une Rose; I just got a decant--that will fill your need for garden true in a different way than the Malle.

Do you use rose water? I have gone in and out of phases using that as a face spritz....

Rose said...

Hi Jenavira! I wear Diva, Stella McCartney and Nahema but would like to wear more!

Rose said...

Scentscelf- I have tried Mille Et Une Rose when I was in Germany, I thought it was gorgeous but was trying to be good but coming back to the UK I realised how hard it is to get and really regret not buying it.

Yes there are lots of lovely niche roses and I probably need to work some into my collection, I just can't get as excited about them anymore.

Yes I do use rosewater- I have one I got in the USA from CE Bigelow, I find it really relaxing and refreshing.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

One of my favorite scents is Stella McCartney because I think it captures the rose so brilliantly... I love roses too- when I'm walking my dog I always have to stop and smell a sumptuous rose if I come across one...

Perfumeshrine said...

Exactly because rose in fragrance often denotes old-fashioned pot pouri or toilet freshener to me(sorry...), I have quite a discerning list of good, reputable roses for your testing, apart from your very good choices so far.
Here goes:

Creed Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare
Montale Crystal Flowers
Ormonde Jayne Ta'if
L'artisan Drole de Rose
Rosine Rose d'Homme
Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit
Guerlain Rose Barbare

~mail me if you want a random sample of some of these gratis ;-)

Rose said...

Hi Helg,
That's so kind. I have tried Serge's Rose de Nuit and Drole de Rose (I liked both very much but not to the full bottle extent) and the Rosines (good old Liberty ;-)).

I really like the Rose de Rosine but think I was being a bit conventional and thinking of the pour homme for a homme at the time! I should have tried it for me!

I would love to try the Guerlain Rose Barbare and the Montale (I should be able to find the Creed and OJ in London- I think I need a full set of the OJ testers!) Would that be tricky to arrange with post and everything?