Thursday 27 November 2008

Idle Pleasures

I was walking very briskly through the arctic winds last night when I took refuge in a favourite gift shop. You know the kind of place where you simple shouldn't go if you are feeling in the slightest bit credit crunched because you will want countless things; candles, shower gels, cashmere eyes masks, whole recipe books devoted to marmite, all those non essential items that feel far more needed than a pint of milk.

I happened upon a lovely little ray of sunshine in the form of the hardbacked, crisp paged, The Book of Idle Pleasures.

The book is a collection of one hundred small pleasures to cherish that we perhaps forget about. I was actually already in a good enough mood but this touched me somehow and did exactly what it says it wants to; reminds you of the little things that make life better. It's witty, it's fun, it's poignant and it's very high up on my wish list! for this is really the sort of thing you should be given rather than give yourself.

Really I think knowing the pleasure of kicking leaves, waiting for tea to brew and napping is the beginning of wisdom.

When books are bliss there is barely anything so good.


vicki archer said...

Well said Rose, and I shall add that little gem of a book to my wish list. xv

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, yes do it's a little gem.

Perfumeshrine said...

These little things often go unnoticed and it's a shame. We only appreciate them when we lost that luxury. Thanks for the rec!
~oh and loved your take on PT :-))

Rose said...

Hi E, I know, I actually started thinking of all sorts of little pleasures after looking at this book. I am very much hoping it will be under the tree on Christmas morning- hints have been dropped ;-)

Really glad you liked the PT take!