Tuesday 23 December 2008

Guerlain Winter Delices

Thank you to the Christmas post I received a sample of Guerlain’s Winter Delices just in time!

It didn’t come down the chimney but was no less exciting for coming through the letter box. It has been suggested to me by several knowledgeable friends that I would enjoy this and that is one of the best of the Aqua Allegorias so I ripped the parcel open like a small child on Christmas morning.

The initial scent on my skin was very masculine and I had to distract myself with some last minute card writing while I waited for the dry down. When the settled scent came I could completely understand why this is so often named as a favourite Christmas fragrance. The gingerbread note, which on me took at least an hour to develop, is the full festive gingerbread decoration on the tree note. I do also detect pine and warm Christmas spices and underneath it all there is some musky, incense goodness. However on me this really is about spicy gingerbread.

This is a fun scent. That doesn’t mean it’s light or frivolous at all but it brings a smile. It’s also the perfect scent to put on before you go out to build a snowman or throw snowballs! There is a hint of something else too, a suggestion of the cold outside and winter but it’s not melancholy with it I don’t think.

Nuit de Noel is still my Christmas scent but this is a much more obviously festive scent without being at all gimmicky or clichéd. You could also easily wear it outside of Christmas too and I think it would be very interesting layered with some heavier incense fragrances.

I can only agree with comments I have read that don’t understand why this is so hard to find, it’s easily the nicest of the Aqua Allegoria range I have smelled.

I would like to thank you for all your support and comments this year. Have a very happy Christmas.

'A Heavy Blanket of Snow and Fog Cover a Group of Pine Trees' picture courtesy of All Posters and available here


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed an early present! Merry Christmas!

Rose said...

Merry Christmas Daily!

ScentScelf said...

Hope your Christmas was joyous...with Boxing Day greetings!

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf, it was lovely thank you, joyful with the peace and the quiet of being with family you love. I hope you had a great Christmas too

Unknown said...

Sorry to have not commented for so long, but once again I am jealous that you have sniffed this scent. Doesn't that seem to be the issue Aqua Allegoria line they keep on discontinuing their good ones and bringing forth some rather hum drum ones.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, not at all, I hope you've had good holidays and everything is going well in your new place.

I have wanted to try it for ages so cracked and ordered a sample.

Yes that seems to be exactly the problem. They are very bizarre, in my humble opinion!