Thursday 12 February 2009

Playing and dressing up

I think I am regressing.

It all started with the purchase of what I think is a very fun Scrabble tile necklace. I have been a big Scrabble fan since I was old enough to spell (and to look up the 2 letter words in the dictionary to try and get rid of all my awkward letters). I could probably write a whole post, or group of posts on Scrabble, the amusement/ arguments that can follow from playing with unfamiliar partners whose families have a whole different set of rules they play by and how ultra competitive even the nicest person can get when they are convinced you can use abbreviations. I thought the necklace was witty and fun whether you like the game or not.

I bought my version here (although there are lots available on e-bay and other sites). I logged back in because a friend had admired my necklace and I have now found a Lego necklace too!

My interest in Lego, which has been a constant since birth really, was reignited recently during an acoustic set at The Liberties in Camden where the audience were provided with buckets of the lovely bricks, together with colouring pencils, cupcakes and Starbust (they should still be called Opal Fruits!).

It was such an enjoyable evening. The acts were very good but actually even if they weren't I think I realised that the reason we all think children are so relaxed is because they play with Lego and do lots of colouring. I honestly think a session with Lego and or with a colouring book and some nice sharp pencils should be a weekly must for all the stressed out. Colouring isn't just for adults, look at this lovely Arthur Rackham colouring book.

So I am going continue to flit around town with my necklace, possibly ad to my arsenal of dressing up stuff by getting a Lego version and perhaps add a colouring book to the notebook I always carry- so I can do colouring when there aren't any words coming.

Regressing is fun! and relatively cheap too ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oooooh I'm getting that Arthur Rackham colouring book - in fact I'm getting two - one for my mum for Mother's Day - she'll love it! Thanks so much Rose - happy weekend! donanicola

Rose said...

Hi Donanicola, You're welcome! I actually received it as a present too and was really pleased with it. He's my favourite illustrator! Happy weekend!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- it's fun to revert back to our childhood every now and then no? Love the necklace... I went shopping today too and spent a little too much money on sunglasses (oops).

vicki archer said...

These are such fun ideas Rose - I love scarabble too (and Monopoly!) xv

Rose said...

Hi Daily, splurging is fun though no?! I don't seem to have been able to stop since Christmas!!

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, yep scrabble is great, it's fun but you feel like you are doing something vaguely improving. Our local pub has a board which is wonderful, although the spelling gets a bit iffy after the fourth glass of wine!
I love Monopoly too-it's the only time I will ever be able to afford a propert in Mayfair!