Tuesday 10 February 2009

I'm still here, entertaining and being entertained

The baby was showered with sugar, bucks fizz and a sprinkling of snow this weekend. Thank you for all the suggestions for making it a happy day!

After all the excitement of organising the party and getting up at crazy am to make many, many teeny tiny sandwiches I collapsed on Sunday. I have developed a worrying hang over/ snow stopping play addiction to UKTV History repeats of The House of Elliott (1920’s period fashion drama). I began watching for nostalgic reasons and to see if it was still good, I remember loving it as a child. Initially I wasn’t convinced but three hours later I was still there. I find watching TV from my childhood strangely comforting, especially on Sundays. To me they are either made for roasts and walks, trawling markets or period TV.

I also watched the BAFTA’s fest. I thought most of the fashion this year was decidedly so so, although Thandie Newton looked great as ever I prefer her in the more unusual colours because she wears them so well.

I love Kate Winslet and I thought she looked good but a bit safe, she seems to have developed an addiction to black. Now we all know the benefits of black but I’m worried she has decided it’s a lucky colour and won’t ever stop wearing it- and she can wear colour so well. The red Ben De Lisi Oscars number is still my favourite of all her awards dresses.

Before the snow came I went to see theatrical bliss- The Donmar West End’s Twelfth Night is the definition of delightful. I think everyone (including me) uses far too many superlatives these days but I am not overdoing it on this occasion. I defy anyone not to come out of the theatre beaming with pleasure. It should be available on prescription.

House of Elliott picture courtesy of: www.amazon.co.uk
Twelfth night picture courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk

Thandie Newton picture courtesy of: http://uk.fashion.popsugar.com/2788196?carousel=3

Kte Winslet picture courtesy of: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/249598/omg-see-pics-anne-hathaway-wears-kate-winslet-s-oscar-dress-well-almost/1/


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that your baby shower went well! Those events are so fun aren't they? I attended a bridal shower this past Saturday- it ended up being a 5 hour long bash! loved it!

Rose said...

Hi Daily,
Thank you! Yes it was really fun! It also went on for about 5 hours which is normally a good sign I think! Rx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Once again, you have instilled in me a feeling of homesickness. Sundays in London. The shops were closed (are they still?), gathering at the local, Sunday lunch, period TV. I found myself thinking of Songs of Praise! You even gave mention of the Donmar Warehouse, always wonderful entertainment there. Woman after my own heart.

Rose said...

Hi Kathleen!
Hope all is okay with you. I'm glad I am painting a nice picture for you but I don't want to make you sad!
Actually the shops really vary. The big department stores and everywhere in the Oxford St/ Regent St type area is open, normally 12-6 (outside London it's normally 10- 4 or 11-5). The more boutique type places are not open so much.
It still has that feeling of a different day though and the Sunday lunches, period dramas, Countryfile and songs of praise are still very much going!! (I don't like SOP but I suppose I do like that it's still there)

The Donmar productions are so consistently good aren't they. They are running a season at the Wyndham's theatre by Leicester Square tube so this production wasn't at the Donmar. It's an amazing season and I think the theatre has a larger capacity which is good. They are trying to get more plays on in London which is a good thing I think, otherwise everything at the moment is a musical based on the songs of someone or from a film. I'm not against 1 or 2 of those but I like to see a real play sometimes too!

Anonymous said...

My cousin, aunt and godson went to Twelth Night and adored it. And they were still smiling the next day when I met up with them! My mother and I recently saw A Little Night Music at the Menier Chocolate Factory - very wonderful too. I agree with you re Sundays - it is the only excuse for the BBC version of Lark Rise to Candleford which has strayed far from the book! Me, I'd like some more Forsyte Saga. donanicola

Rose said...

Hi Donanicola
A Little Night Music sounds great. When theatre is good I think it's hard to beat but it's rare to see something wonderful.

It's funny isn't it, somehow these kind of shows wouldn't be right except on a Sunday! There is something cosy and re assuring about them

Perfumeshrine said...

You deserved a little rest and gift for all your work for the baby shower (glad it went great!).
Those costumes and scenery in the last pic are awesome, bet it was a feast for the eyes.

Rose said...

Hi E, thank you! yes it was a feast for the eyes and for heart and mind. It's an excellent ensemble cast.