Wednesday 28 January 2009

Baby shower- help needed!!

Help! I am organising a baby shower for an old friend. As always with these things I agreed to planning the party a long time ago and it suddenly seems to be upon me and I am not totally sure what I’m doing!

This is only my second close friend to have a baby so I don’t have much experience of attending showers. My first one was in a bar which I’m not sure is normal! Otherwise all my experiences are from American TV shows!

I have obviously sent out invitations and have lots of rsvps so I know we will be a large group and there should be lots of presents coming.

Catering wise I am doing cups of tea and think we should do some champagne cocktails and mocktails.

I have ordered some very sex and the city mini cup cakes and lots of old fashioned penny sweet milk bottles for decorations.

I am thinking we also need proper English finger sandwiches and scones.

I am a bit lost about games. It’s been suggested to me that we should be playing lots of games- is that right?

I am also wondering what music might be suitable? I am thinking lots of calming Madeleine Peyroux type stuff. I’m not sure what to play for pass the parcel though!

Also do we need a special baby shower cake?

All suggestions very gratefully received!

Rose xx


vicki archer said...

I have no idea either Rose but I am sure the rules for a great party are the same whatever the occasion. You sound like you have it under control to me - love the cocktails and the sweets idea and maybe you could make fun sweetie bags for the guests to take home and that would also make the table decorations easy. Last thought - helium balloons and lots of them! Have fun, xv.

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, it's quite a lot of work! yes I want to little party bags so sweets is a good idea. Have found some bath bombs with baby faces too! and balloons you're right! for outside and inside.

I think I might need to live off bread and water for the next month...

Anonymous said...

There are lots of good ideas on the internet. I did a search and found a bunch of sites dedicated to baby Showers. here's one

Rose said...

Hi Betty, thank you! you're right I have just googled and have found quite a few sites to have a look through. I had no idea there were so many UK ones!

charlotte said...

i've only ever seen baby showers on tv as well! it sounds like you've got a great line up though. i went to a low key 'hen afternoon' recently and a cream tea was served with little sandwiches as well. it was perfect and probably very similar to your plans.

Rose said...

Hi Lottie, A hen afternoon sounds very civilised!
I think babyshowers are still quite new here aren't they. Still it's a sweet idea and any excuse to make big cakes and little sandwiches if fun!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- You sound like you have it under control... I wouldn't worry too much about the games... I would look at one of the websites suggested above and pick one to find a game. I've been to a lot of baby showers and they have all been lovely- some with games, some with out. The last one I went to was in Newport beach... we all had a lovely salad for lunch and cupcakes afterward (love that idea!). Then we all sat around and opened presents (which takes a very long time because everyone oohs and aahs over each thing). Then we all just mingled. It was a lovely afternoon.

Good luck- I'm sure you'll be the hostess with the mostess! :)

Rose said...

Hi Daily, thank you... I think Americans are better at babyshowers so I appreciate your feedback- I think we're amateurs by comparison!

I'm look forward to it. Rx

Cassandra said...

Hi Rose, have I left it too late to advise? RRx

charlotte said...

hi again, i just saw this post on a baby shower and thought you might like it!

Rose said...

Hi Red Rum, no not at all- the babyshower is next weekend! Rx

Rose said...

Hi Lottie, thank you. That looks like a great shower. The game idea is very helpful- I may have to use it!

Cassandra said...

Well I held a baby shower for a very dear friend four years ago now, having been to a few. As others have said, it's just like a party - only the poor old Mummy to be is the one who can't drink! I laid on afternoon tea - just as you've said, sandwiches, cake etc - and lots of the guests brought cake too, plus champagne (pink, natch!) then, once everyone had had a little to drink and conversation was flowing, we all gathered round the Mummy and gave her the presents. It was brill and very straightforward. Music? I'd go for pop (you are younger than me but for my generation it would be 80s and 90s stuff) and you simply cannot go wrong with Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and lovely French stuff like Francoise Hardy. (Apologies for any typos in the above!)

Good luck, you can't go wrong, the afternoon will ride on a wave of goodwill anyway. RRxxx

Rose said...

Hi Red Rum, thank you! Yes it is a shame the Mummy can't drink! I think she is planning a buffet of naughty things when the baby has arrived! (not sure that works with breast feeding!)
80s and 90s works for me too! Plus some of the cooler stuff you suggested.
I am feeling a lot calmer about it now.
Thanks for your suggestions Rxx

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