Saturday 3 January 2009

Lostmarc'h: Aod

Aod means Seashore in Breton. This scent is quite different to Lann- Ael (reviewed yesterday)and much more what I expected scents from a fragrance house named after a beach to be like.

The Lostmarc'h website lists the perfume as follows: Head note of fresh grapefruit, floral core: gardenia, coconut, seashore aromas

From the description I suppose I was expecting quite a 'normal' beach scent. Grapefruit, coconut, gardenia: these are the ingredients to transport you to sun tan lotion, beaches and cocktails with umbrellas in them (nothing wrong with any of that of course!).

However to me Lostmarc'h have made the scent of sitting on a beach as the sun is going down when a chill has settled in the breeze and you start to want to put you clothes on. As they themselves say this is the snap of your towel in the wind, I would add it is perhaps the smell of your towel, your hair and skin when you get back home after a day at the beach and you need a hot shower. It isn't the scent of a cold beach you walk along with a scarf wrapped around your neck- but there is a suggestion of coolness in it that is refreshing.


ScentScelf said...

Hey...sounds cool, as in nifty-keeno. I'm sure I'd like to sample this--which is hard to get me to do when I haven't heard any associated notes! Nice review.

I wonder if somebody will think that "aod" is related to "aoud"...sounds like it would be hard to set two more different types of scents down next to each other. What a rude surprise that would be! ;)

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf, Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed the review. Aod isn't so much my sort of thing normally, I prefer the salty isolated winter beach scents normally, but it is very interesting and I think it would be even more interesting in hot weather (it's minus 3 here!).

That's true about Aod and Aoud- they're not even on the same perfume continent!

Cassandra said...

Hey Rose, finally getting better at following links etc!!! Am such a techno-ejit. Loving both your blogs and have put them on my blogroll. RR xx

Unknown said...

Sounds very interesting, I like the idea of a bit of coolness with a beach scent.

Rose said...

Hey Jena, Happy New Year! Yes it took me by surprise. I think it will be very interesting in the hot weather

Rose said...

Hey Red Rum, sorry for my horribly late reply- special internet access at the moment! thank you for stopping by and blogrollng me. I love your blog so am very honoured! Rx