Sunday 11 January 2009

Lostmarc'h: Iroaz

I imagine you can guess that Iroaz means rose in Breton.

As the website says it smells of rose shores- but to me they are not salty, rocky shores but have a very aquatic, marine scent and are lacking the driftwood and flotsam and jetsam beach scents have of late been filled with. To me Iroaz think it smells of a rose garden near the sea, or perhaps fresh cut roses from a bouquet that have fallen into the water.

I am very fond of rose scents but I have found that they particularly require quality materials to be used as a synthetic or one dimensional rose scent is most offensive to me. Happily all the Lostmarc'h line appears to be made with high quality ingredients and the rose scent that is part of Iroaz smells of the fresh, true flower.

I am conscious though that I have never reviewed a whole line of fragrances before and it has presented new challenges. I think when we choose to write about something artistic it tends to be because it has either inspired or challenged us. I usually only write about fragrances that have resonated with me. Of the Lostmarc'h scents Iroaz is the scent that is least for me and were I not reviewing their entire fragrance library I don't imagine I would have written about it at length, although quite possibly with other rose scents as it's is very interesting. I have to admit to not enjoying marine notes and I think I have been a bit handicapped in my enjoyment of Iroaz because of that. I may grow to love the aquatic notes, my education in fragrance is increasing all the time and I am constantly finding I appreciate notes I haven't in the past. Until then Iroaz won't be my favourite but it is a beautifully made and presented perfume and if you like marine notes and the scent of roses on the wind I recommend you seek it out.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

How have I missed all of these lovely reviews? The idea of roses and a marine scent is strange and intriguing. Living in Santa Monica, only 12 blocks from the beach, I actually am surrounded by roses and sea and it is a strange but nice combination...

Rose said...

Hi Daily, it's been that time of year when it's hard to keep track of everything. This sounds like it would smell quite like where you live then! The whole line is lovely. After I wrote this review I though that this might work very well layered with a salty scent- so I'm going to try some Lostmarc'h layering!