Monday 9 March 2009

I want to live in a Domino home

I thought one of the good things about not working in central London anymore would be that I wouldn't spend as much money as I wouldn't be able to just 'pop' to the shops after work, or after a couple of post work drinks (which is totally fatal of course). It turns you don't spend less you just spend your money on the internet!

I think the whole blogosphere was really upset about the news of the recent demise of Domino magazine. I was extra upset because I had only just started getting copies via e-bay having never been able to find it in the UK. I know we are going to lose quite a lot of magazine titles to the crunch but I was surprised about this one because it seemed to fill a gap between the very high end, great to look at as home porn magazines and the lower end DIY home magazines which are quite a bit dowdier. Domino was the home magazine you wanted to exist but never really did, until it did (well in my case until I bought some on e-bay)- and now it won't exist anymore. Again.

Anyway as a result of my separation from the larger bookshops and due to my ever worsening internet habit I cracked on Friday and bought the Domino book of decorating, which I had long been lusting after. I can report it is as good as it looks. I'm not sure why there hasn't been more press about this in the UK except that I suppose lots of the stockists are American, but really this is book is useful for design inspiration or just to pore over the beautiful images rather than as a directory of shops.

My new e-bay thing (you have to have one thing you are particularly on the hunt for don't you?) is buying back issues of Domino while they're still quite easy to find. The actual issues are fairly inexpensive unless you want a really rare one but the postage is making my credit card feel a little heavy; it could definitely do with losing a few pounds but I'm not sure this obsession will stop until I have every issue.


Unknown said...

What a pretty cover, I just thought of a style magazine I really enjoy Real Simple.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, I will look that one up! I always love finding good new ones, so many sound good but don't really cut it.

Lynne said...

Yes, I've been thinking of buying them on ebay too - I'll be bidding against you! It's funny how all the Americans really LOVE Living Etc - I much prefer Domino!

Rose said...

Hi Lynne, ooh let the bidding commence!! It's funny how some are quite reasonable and some get very pricey. I won one yesterday but I really need to find a seller with quite a few I want as it cuts down on postage if they're all from one person.

I agree Living Etc is nice but I find it colder, Domino is like it's written by your friends... well it was... sniff