Tuesday 1 June 2010

I dream of jewellery: stolen thunder

balloon girl

skipping girl

kite girl

All from Stolen thunder


Metropolitan Mum said...

They are so cute - but I could never wear them as tiny chubby fingers are currently grabbing and pulling everything that's within reach.

Emily said...

Great stuff! I love the balloon girl. Haha Met Mums comment makes me smile. Little L. always pulls on my necklaces when I see her:)

Rose said...

Hi MM and Emily- little L obviously has great taste and has caught the jewellery bug early! I seem to remember my Mother saying I was a terror with her jewellery and am not sure I've ever been forgiven for losing a tiger's eye ring of hers when I was little!

Nishant said...

I just saw the trailer for the film at the weekend- I will get!
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Rossmore said...

very cool. thanks for sharing these lovely cut pieces...