Friday 28 May 2010

When to spend

Even in these frugal times there are some things you spend money on. In a quest for quality not quantity my list of things to splash on would include:

Loo paper (or toilet roll if you like)- this has inspired the whole post really. The cleaners at work in an effort to economise have started providing us with what seems to be rice paper. This is not helpful. Especially as in an effort to economise we all use the loo paper for tissues. I have scratched half my hay fever-plagued skin off because I'm too thrifty to just go to the supermarche.

Tissues- see above. A big manly tissue is my favourite.

Chocolate (as in Green and Black's worth spending money, not as in silly gift boxes that cost more than a meal, I mean I like those if anyone wants to send me one but I wouldn't buy one for myself)


Chicken (although that's more for reasons of conscience than cash)

Shoes. Sort of. In that ones made of a breathable material (not necessarily leather) mean less blisters, bad smells, strange infections and happier feet!

Things I am very happy to economise on:

Books. Not that I don't spend lots on them I do- but I am more than happy to buy a second hand one or ten- because obviously I can have more and also I am happy about passing them on to people. Also if I buy paperbacks from a charity shop or second hand shop I can have more brand new ones.

Water. I like the tap stuff, it's not too cold and when I buy mineral water I seem to spend my life recycling.

Nail varnish. I have bought all kinds from the champagne to the white lightnings (if you are not British that is very, very cheap horrible alcohol) of nail varnish and honestly I think all that matters is that you like the colour, put two coats on and don't let it go gloopy. Good base and top coats do seem to matter though. Oh dear this is getting perilously into preachy beauty magazine territory isn't it.

Buses: I love the bus, you get to drive around London looking in shop windows, seeing people go by and you can listen to podcasts and music. The tube is often too loud to hear the spoken word and quite a lot of quiet songs. That said I don't like traffic jams, misty bus windows, seats facing backwards or bendy buses- or when the bus terminates for no reason and the driver doesn't know (which means can't be bothered) to do a transfer.
Walking: clearly the best way to get around and to see London, always my preferred mode of transport where possible!


Metropolitan Mum said...

A shame that you couldn't come with me to the event the other night. We got lots of 'lovely' books.

Rose said...

I completely agree it was a shame! I did go to a lovely evening at Wilton's Music Hall which I am going to write about. Would be lovely to do something soon though.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

After all the shouting writerly blogs I sometimes read, I found this post so relaxing and real :) What do I save money on? Mostly food as one can eat well on less if you're a careful shopper and grow your own every summer. We live in an area with huge homes and up to the date kitchens. Also a supermarket on every corner. And a zillion restaurants of all kinds within 30 miles. This is a LOT of money being spent on food. So I like to play a game and see how well we can eat on how little money.

ScentScelf said...

Walking! I love walking...especially when visiting a place; such a lovely way to get acquainted with a place.

As for bottled water...I could go on...but won't. Tap is great. And filtering yourself it if you're leery is not only more economical, it has a lot less impact on the planet in terms of petroleum product going off to landfill. (You worry about getting preachy beauty mag? I need to restrain from eco-princess talk... ;) )

My mom used to always say she could be very frugal on groceries, without too much pain, so long as she always had fresh lemons and limes. I love the idea of being aware of where you can trim and what comfort items are actually not exactly wasteful. I'm with you on the toilet roll on that count...the cheap stuff gets used much more quickly. Boo.

Marie said...

I love both buses and walking. I was on the tube the other day next to someone very smelly... Uck. And yes there's definitely somethings which can be economised on and others which really can't. Lovely post and quite thought provoking too.

Marie said...

PS Thanks for the tip on the Rhubarb cordial, J works round the corner from Nordic bakery so might have to ask him to pop in. Xx

MyPerfumeLife said...

Recently I went to a clothes swapping party - it was a fund raiser for the local school. Great to have some 'new' clothes and get rid of some old ones too.

For about a year I've been using the readitswapit book exchange site. We had stacks of guide books and things that I knew we'd never use again. By using this website I know that they will be going to a happy new home and I get a new book in the process.

When needed I can be quite frugal - as long as I can still buy new perfume!

Rose said...

Hi Karen G- your blog looks fab! I agree I like to eat well but think we all spend a lot on food- and also waste a lot of it which I can't stand.

Hi Scent scelf- yes tap is just a nice! I do love fizzy water though and they haven't made a tap for that yet. At home my folks get it delivered in glass bottles and the company come back and get them sterilise them and re use them- and it's not as costly a you'd think- but I can't really justify it yet! Also walking- it's healthy, you see new things and it's free- what's not to like? I agree about fresh fruit and veg- if those are fresh and good you can live cheaply with everything else

Hi Marie- yes I love the bus- well unless the traffis is awful! does he, how handy! it's not cheap at all but delicious and very good if you have drivers/ non drinkers at a party and want to offer them something nice and interesting

Hi MPL- I went to a swap party not so long ago and the quality of some of the things being swapped was brilliant- it's a great concept I completely agree

Nishant said...

We got lots of 'lovely' books.
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