Friday 14 May 2010

Weekend homework

Your weekend homework, should you choose to accept is:

If you don't already read Mr London Street then head over there for some really sharp, funny, poignant writing (especially for Monday's post which was introduced by me- my bits aren't the funny, sharp, poignant ones).

For relaxing why now download the free Jarvis Cocker National Trust sounds- what a cool idea (although their website doesn't seem to be working this morning so hopefully it will be fixed by the weekend!).

Or if you would prefer music to sounds then Pete Roe's new EP is available for pre- order here. His music is timeless, touching and just filled with goodness. I can't wait to have some new songs of his to listen to.

Show your suppport for Portobello by signing up to Portobello rocks if you would like.

Remember to watch Ashes to Ashes episode 7 tonight or on i-player if you are as crazy about the programme as me.

For some culture I really enjoyed the magnificent maps at the British Library- and again it is free. There is also a Peyton and Byrne cafe to revive yourself in afterwards. I'd actually never been to the library before (ducks, I went to University in London, there are lots of libraries to use at the colleges, I have seen Star Wars). I actually had a funny couple of minutes when I went in and realised how much treasure was there and how important it was. I felt a bit tearful and I wanted to hug it close to me. Then I got sidetracked in the shop and started behaving more normally- but it's pretty great it's there, we are very lucky.

Have fun!


Emily said...

Thanks for the weekend tips! I've heard of Mr London Street, I will head over there right after I have a browse of yours:) What is happening with Portobello?? Is the market going under?

Rose said...

Hi Emily-

Their Facebook page says:

Dates 29-30th May

A two-day Art & Music festival at the 20th Century Theatre.

Portobello Rocks! is a major art event aiming to do the impossible - buy back All Saints from the property dealers who illegally bought it from under the Antique traders feet.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So many new things for the weekend!
Thanks. I'm off to Mr. London Street now!

Wildernesschic said...

Mr London street is so funny :) great tip x

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Ohh I love Ashes to Ashes! Really looking forward to seeing how it all concludes. Have a great weekend!

Lewis William said...

I lived in London almost 3 years and never got to the Library. Very much wishing I had...

Rose said...

Hi Pamela- I hope you like- he's very witty

Hi WC- yes I know, he really makes me giggle

Hi Slowdown- I know, I am obsessed, I really want to stay in and watch the end on Friday- this week was so tense

Hi LW- ah but you did an awful lot of things! I don't know why I hadn't before, it's not the most pre-posessing architecture outside but inside is great.