Thursday 13 May 2010


There are lots of thing I am not fussy about. I am not a wheat free, dairy free, ear plug wearing, own pillow taking to hotels, I won't die if the milk is semi- skimmed or we don't walk the absolutely quickest route to somewhere.

I do fuss about laundry though. I follow the instructions exactly and have probably spent far more money on dry cleaning and time on hand washing than is strictly necessary.

I find hand washing quite therapeutic though. There's something about squeezing every last bit of water out of a garment that is satisfying.

I have recently upgraded my hand wash to Stella laundry delicate from Tocca. Tocca make beautiful fragrances and have somehow managed to transfer the scents perfectly to their laundry range which I can't imagine was easy for the perfumer in question.

Stella is a blood orange scent which is rare in itself; the candle is something of a cult product and I remember there being a great deal of excitement when the perfume of this, and the other popular candles fragrances, came out.

For me though it's being able to have my delicates smell of blood oranges, one of the best gifts in natures basket, that really makes my day. In the morning it gives my day a small lift being able to smell my landry as I put my clothes on.

Now when are Guerlain going to start making washing powder?


ScentScelf said...

This exists? Oh, dear. I think I didn't need to know that. Too late; radar is now on.

I am a fan of creating one's own laundry soap...the basic formula is quite simple, and oh-so-friendly to the environment. I tend to cheat, though, and order through a company which makes the same stuff, with the option to order scented versions. (In this case, lavender or balsam...essential oils, natch.)

I've wondered about incorporating certain perfumes into a home crafted laundry...but then Francis K. decided I had dragged my heels long enough and came up with a line following the very idea. ;)

Wildernesschic said...

Oh I may just have to try this I love my laundry to smell wonderful xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have to admit, I love doing laundry, too. Yesterday was laundry day and falling asleep on freshly starched and ironed sheets is the best thing in the whole world.

Oh, but I do take my own pillow to hotels when I can.

Laura Demetriou said...

I'll have to look out for this... Bold just isn't cutting for me anymore!

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf- I didn't know you could order washing soap like that, what a great idea. Yes Francis K has sewn that one up- but perhaps you could have better scents? The Tocca are hand wash only I think but the scents are just as good as the candles- amazingly well reproduced

Hi Wilderness chic- they are really beautiful scents, though I think they are just handwash, but I guess you could add a little to the machine with regular washing stuff

Hi Pamela- the first sleep in clean bed linen is one of the free treats of life- and one of the reasons I like hotels so much is the stiff, heavy bed linen. I think taking your own pillow is fine- it's just I know some people who literally can't sleep without them!

Hi Cherryblossom- it is certainly chicer! though I think it is mainly for hand washing... it looks lovely in the cupboard too

Metropolitan Mum said...

Oh God, I hope they won't! I have a weak spot for nice smelling laundry products and for a little exclusivity. I think my grocery shopping bill would soar up into unknown dimensions would they introduce a product like that.

Rose said...

Hi MM- well then for you this would be something to either avoid or put on a wish list that you leave where other people can see it!