Thursday 30 December 2010

The best of 2010

So the end of the year is nearly with us and the lovely Trish from Scent Hive has arranged for a group of bloggers to write about our favourite fragrances, food and anything else that took our fancy this year.

I find deciding what my best anything is very difficult; I struggle with a favourite colour, most beloved album, ultimate film, clearly I have no idea at all which perfume I would wear if there could be only one! Inevitably I think when you try to do year bests you tend to be thinking more of recent discoveries and therefore yearly round ups often favour the more recently released. I have tried to avoid giving you a best of November and December but I fear I may have failed a little in some areas.

So to start with fragrances- this year I think has been particularly strong for male scents and I've particularly liked Sartorial by Penhaligons, both for it's character and for it's unusual and cool inspiration (a Saville Row tailor)- Penhaligon's future releases seem sure to be as quirky and clever; I also appreciated Chanel's Bleu- it's classic but I think in a male scent that is no bad thing, you want men to smell like men sometimes.

For the ladies I liked the Annick Goutal rose collection- I have so many rose perfumes that I haven't actually invested in these but I thought they were well done- beautiful, full, romantic, classic scents.

Although they were not only released this year my great perfume house discovery has been Strange Invisible Perfumes- a really wonderful collection of scents which happen to be natural but which are the best and most interesting scents I've smelled for women this year.

In food I continue to be obsessed with flower flavourings and trying to track down essences; if anyone can find me some geranium essence to bake with I would be very grateful. I thought the invention of, or at least mainstream availability of, alcoholic ginger beer in 2010 was spiffing old chap!

Films I loved this year- well I can't remember films I loved this week at the moment but Inception certainly stood out as a challenging film that straddled the mainstream and art house audience and that I was truly gripped by. I also loved The Social Network, Four Lions, The Illusionist (the cartoon), Somewhere (not for everyone I know but for me, it worked) and two films that I saw this year at the London film festival- Little White Lies and the King's Speech, more on both soon I hope.

Music of the year- for once this is actually easy- the best album of the year for me was Laura Marling's I speak because I can; it's been my almost constant companion and seen me through some quite stressful early mornings, I don't imagine I could ever not want to listen to it and I know I will still treasure it in thirty years. Hadestown by Anais Mitchell is also incredibly cool- thanks very much to For Folk's Sake for pointing me towards this one.

In television I am very predictable and if it has a costume I probably like it- Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs and Ashes to Ashes please stand up. I also found Grey's Anatomy this year and lost about one hundred hours of my life to people who only wear scrubs. My love affair continues to be with the radio though- specifically Radio Four (although I like the Radio Five film show very much too) and of course the now saved and cherished BBC 6music.

Books- I can only ever remember what I just read which was Comfort and Joy by India Knight for Christmas (which I loved, there should be more Christmas books)- and the Diary of the Lady by Rachel Johnson (which is hilarious, filled with details of the idiosyncratic Lady office, the publications delightfully eccentric readers and staff and what it's really like to be an Editor). I have read lots this year though and hope to read more next- my find of the year was probably Foyle's book shop (I'm aware it's been there forever but it's new to me)- I always have a lovely time ambling around there and they do great events and have a nice cafe. Long live the book shop.

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Image thanks to Roxana Villa from Roxana Illuminated Perfume


Mr London Street said...

I don't think our taste in books, TV or music could be more different (and I thought Bleu was disappointingly bland and forgettable from Chanel) but to be constructive instead: yes, I thought Inception was quite extraordinary.

In terms of music, most of the records I bought this year didn't come out this year, but I did love Crazy For You by Best Coast. Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells was probably my track of the year. And if you like Mumford and Sons (and from memory you do), you should have a listen to Beachcomber's Windowsill by Stornoway.

Scent Hive said...

Fabulous all-encompassing list! Thank you :-)

Would love to know which Strange Invisible Perfumes struck your fancy...

Happy New Year!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Somewhere - it most certainly did the trick for me.
Have a very happy New Year and I am looking forward to see you on the other side. Deborah xx

EauMG said...

Wonderful list!
This year I was finally introduced to Strange Invisible. I have found so many that I like. Why didn't I try them sooner? :)

Flora said...

Great list - interesting perspective from across the pond! I must try more of the new Penhaligons scents, I loved Amaranthine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just reading through all the Best of 2010 posts on the different blogs and thought I'd mention that you can get Geranium Chef's Essence for $24 from Aftelier perfumes. Almost bought it myself. Shipping might be a little expensive, but still.... Hope that helps!
Happy New Year!

Monica said...

Great to read everybody's posts! I agree Annick Goutal rose collection is exquisite...lucky us to try so many delicious scents! I am honored to be part of this group Trish put together, happy New year All! Monica, Ca Fleure Bon

MyPerfumeLife said...

Radio4 is my constant companion - always good to hear about other Radio4 fans. My only regret about having Radio 4 on constantly is that I'm really out of touch with music unless I really make the effort to find some groups that I like.

Happy new year!

Rose said...

Mr LS- love Stornoway and Inception- I'm going through a bit of a Granny phase at the moment on the film and book front!

Hi Trish- I especially liked Prima Ballerina but actually I think they are all so good- or at least interesting even if they aren't for me- I really was very impressed

Hi MM- I'm glad, quite a few people don't seem to have got it- I don't think people can take silence or nothing happen in the cinema anymore and I found it quite mesmerising

Hi EauMG- I felt the same- seriously good perfumes, naturual or not

Hi Flora- I'm a great Penhaligon's fan, I love everything they do really

Hi Anonymous- thank you so much your tip about the essence really made my day- now to ship!

Hi Monica- it's a great group isn't it- and I'm glad someone else liked the AG's, not the most edgy perhaps but wearable and delicious

Hi Myperfumelife- the world would be a very sad place without Radio 4, it's worth the licence fee alone

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