Wednesday 1 December 2010

Christmas present ideas

So I know it's boring when blogs all have the same posts up and everyone has a gift guide up at the moment- but the thing is I really love reading other peoples guides and if I don't get bored of them maybe you won't either? Also I noted that the Fifty Islands book appealed to lots of people as a present so I thought that showed you were all open to more ideas for gifts.

So here we go:

For children( well for their walls I suppose) I like this print of the letters of the alphabet with endangered species from the UK, it's pretty and educational and ecological- all of those good things. Also it looks nice enough for the children's parents to be grateful:

Endangered AZ poster

For Foodies:

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh dark chocolate bar from Rococco

Droste Cocoa in a pretty amazing tin from Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho- which I thoroughly recommend for any tea/ coffee/ confectionery gifts (unfortunately the cocoa seems to be sold out on their website at the moment so I am walking there one evening after work for supplies).

pretty orange peeler from the Design Museum, for enthusiastic cooks who have everything, or for making the mulled wine pot look pretty

Book ends from Susan Bradley- these are part of the London icons collection but there are also European and New York icons and fantastic London transport ones.

For flower foodie lovers like me: East India company flower cordials in Poppy (shown), jasmine, lavender, lavender, violet and more, delicious Rose syrup that tastes like nectar or rose petal jam both from Simply Roses

For cold boys (Or girls I guess) AMAZING beard and mo' hats for any gents feeling the chill after Movember- found via A Cup of Jo's gift guide- which is obviously super cute and cool- so go and peek at it if you haven't already.

For books I always enjoy reading a classic Agatha Christie or Nancy Mitford at Christmas time. Hercule Poirot's Christmas is chilling in both senses but with the required humour too; Nancy's Highland Fling was re published this year by Capuchin Classics and is on my own personal wish list; for ladies India Knight's Comfort and Joy is as good as I'd hoped it would be (I couldn't wait until Christmas I'm afraid)

For well dressed gentleman, or aspiring ones, I think this book about Saville Row Tailors looks as well made as the suits themselves. You could perhaps also add a bottle of Penhaligon's truly excellent, classic but unusual Sartorial scent which was of course inspired by the most famous street in menswear.

Or how about a magazine subscription? it's what you give your Granny I hear you say? well that may be true and your Granny will probably still love the Radio Times gift but cool girls will love an Oh Comely magazine subscription and boys and girls who like film will like Little White Lies magazine and say thank- you very much if you buy them a year's worth. They also do cool prints like these.

For music people how about something cool from Duke of Uke; I want ukelelee lessons for myself and the nice people there tell me lessons run from 7-9pm Monday to Thursday. A full term is £180. For more information e-mail the Dukes and Duchesses here.

I'm now (hopefully, weather permitting) off to visit Christmas markets- when I'm back I'm hoping to talk about Christmas music that is actually good- until then wrap up warm.


That's Not My Age said...

Oh I never get bored - I love it when the weekend supplements run their gift ideas pages! You've chosen some lovely Christmas presents, I like the book ends, am quite partial to Rococco chocolate and want all my oranges to look like that!

Carol said...

I too don't get bored with these types of posts.

I love that poster - I have seen a show about the red/grey squirrel problem in the UK.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I enjoy gift lists like this. It's like at Thanksgiving where people posted lists of what they were grateful for, I loved reading those.

Jen said...

I love a good gift guide - especially when it comes to thinking about what to buy for the men in my life (only one husband, but brothers, fathers, etc). I could shop for China for the women and kids in my life, but men.... I am clueless. Thanks
Jen & Row

Jayne said...

What a great gift guide. I think that top poster would be rather stylish framed on the wall, as well as for children. Am off there to see how much!

MyPerfumeLife said...

Lovely gift guide. How could anybody get bored with gift ideas as good as these?

Trudi * Fabricated Tales said...

I love your Christmas gift guide - in fact I may gift myself those bookends. Is that wrong?

Claire said...

Oh, the Rococco chocolate! I need to self gift myself that one. Thank you for your lovely comment, sometimes I get a little delayed in responding but it is much appreciated. Have a lovely Christmas! xx