Saturday 24 March 2012

Wake up it's a beautiful morning

When the sun comes out in London (and in life) everything changes. I don't think I suffer from SAD syndrome and there are things I like about winter (wrapping up, roast dinners by fires in pubs on Sundays, reading books because it's raining too hard to go outside, Christmas, hot boozy drinks, hot non boozy drinks, not having to be quite as groomed- less plucked, waxed, shaved, moisturised and generally whipped into womanhood). However this morning I woke up and as the sun burst through the curtains instead of being angry about losing sleep I couldn't wait to get up!

The changes sun brings in me are subtle- I want a shower instead of a bath, a cold drink instead of a hot one (this post may feature too much talk of hot drinks), it reawakens my interest in the city too- I genuinely wanted to jump on my bike and go to Victoria Park for the first time in forever. I want to DO things not see them- in the winter I'm all about the cinema or if I'm lucky the theatre, today I don't want to be in a dark room, I wouldn't go if you paid me. I want a few inches cut off my hair and to wear sandles even though it's a bit cold.

So hello sunshine and hopefully goodbye hibernating.

Fun London print from The Shop at Number 57 Found via Tea for Joy

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Metropolitan Mum said...

You're so sweet and a true English rose to want to wear sandals. It's just about Spring and still bloody freezing, if you ask me ;-)