Thursday 29 March 2012

Perfume: Vivienne Westwood, Boudoir- Sin Garden

Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir Sin Garden is a lovely perfume, with a terrible name and a less than enticing box. I wonder if the latter two comments are the reason it doesn't receive more attention?

All scent lovers know it's all about the smell- and if for you it's a little bit about the bottle then I think Westwood's Tudor orb looks very pretty on dressing tables and in cabinets.

The great Dame's first perfume was Boudoir, a beautiful and truly sexy scent. The blush pink liquid is truly romance nectar and it's not to be worn without caution. I've rarely worn it without being complimented by men and women- however I also rarely wear it because frankly I don't often feel up to it. It is also absolutely not a perfume you could wear for anything other than a date or a very sophisticated party. You truly need a good black dress and to feel like Sophia Loren on the inside to carry it off. If you can it has untold influence!

Sin Garden (really who came up with that) is much more wearable while retaining some of the earthy aspects of the original. It is heavy on the oakmoss but that is lightened by top floral notes and the whole scent is green without the coldness that I find some green perfumes have.

I've been wearing this scent since Christmas- it was a good day and evening perfume in the winter, it has enough power to be worn in the cold. However it's really become interesting since the weather got warmer- it has enough freshness for higher temperatures but enough amber and oakmoss to be a little sexy too.

I know I'm starting to love a perfume when I start to worry about running out- and I'm two thirds of the way through this bottle. For a lady with as many bottles of scent as me to use that much since Christmas- I think that is a review in itself.

Image from Fragrantica.


Unknown said...

I so understand you getting passionate about a scent AND worrying about it running out. A friend gave me a limited edition of a scent called 2001 Roses by Lancome on the eve of the Millennium and when it run out i felt so sad. The empty bottle still lives in my perfume bottle collection and I smell it from time to time. In my collection I also have my very first ever bottle of Chanel No 5 which really kicked off all this perfume passion. A couple of years ago a read a fabulous article by Deyse Beaulieu who sometimes gives a Perfume making course at the London School of Fashion and who incipiently writes a fabulous blog.
It really inspired me and took me to another Perfume plain!
thanks for your lovely article about the Vivian Westwood perfume... it has really made me want to go out there and smell her creation! I love your blog and your passionate articles! trudi

eula_w said...

The scent of this perfume is so great that is why I really love it. Thanks for a nice review in here. :)

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