Sunday 1 April 2012

St John Bread and Wine- Spitalfields

So I finally went to St John Bread and Wine in Spitalfields and it was, of course, as everyone says, a mazing. I know this is a bit like saying so I visited New York and I loved it- of course I loved St John- but you can't take away someone's first trip to New York from them however much they've read about it or seen it in films- and you can't take someone's first St John pate on toast away from them either.

Oh and the puddings- no one tells you about the puddings. The rhubarb Eton mess is a thing of beauty and delight that I would travel for. I'd be down there right now really if I could. I'd be down there every day.

So thanks to my lovely friend S for the treat and thanks to St John, for being as good as it says in the reviews.

Images from the St John Bread and Wine website.

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