Tuesday 8 May 2012

Books: Capuchin classics

So it's no secret to anyone who reads this blog that I am a Nancy Mitford fan, as in fan short for fanatic. I know some people find her work snobby or even (horror!) irrelevant but I don't care, I would give my little toe to have her turn of phrase and I literally find opening her books like getting into the biggest bed with the downiest, most cloud like duvet imaginable.

Some writer's most famous books aren't their best books (clearly Jane Austen can do little wrong but I would argue the lesser known Persuasion is more of a towering great than say Mansfield Park, which many a girl has trudged through for a levels). In Nancy's case I do think the best known Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate are her greatest achievements- although Don't Tell Alfred is also a marvel- but I think everything she does is gold.

Happily a great publisher called Capuchin Classics publish some of Nancy's lesser known delights, including Highland Fling, Christmas Pudding and Pigeon Pie. Prior to my discovery of this company I only owned Pigeon Pie of these three- and that copy was a very old Penguin classic that I found on the book stall at Spitalfields market which was falling apart completely.

Capuchin's mandate is to revive 'great works of fiction which have been unjustly forgotten or neglected'. I think they are brilliant. Plus the peppermint cream colours covers look delicious on book shelves, especially next to the similarly chic dove grey spines of Persephone books- of which I am also, obviously, very fond.


Ines said...

Shame on me, I never heard of these books. :)
But considering the titles, I think they would be something I would enjoy reading.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I totally love Nancy Mitford!

Baleboosteh said...

Oh this is good news! I adore Pursuit of Love and Love In A Cold Climate and reread them at least once a year. The ending of Pursuit of Love never fails to have me in floods.
I also have a soft spot for The Blessing, one of her other lesser known works.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Rose, you really are a funny bunny :-) xx

Rose said...

Glad to hear of the Nancy love and looking to spread it to those that haven't found her yet- if you haven't then please start with the Pursuit of Love, I first read it in one go, one Boxing Day and it was heavenly

Emily said...

I love the Mitford sisters!!

Rereading these books sitting in a big comfy chair with a cup of tea is always a soul-warming treat :)