Tuesday 8 October 2013

Coffee- to drink in, to breathe in

Coffee! On Monday mornings a total essential, on Tuesday mornings a life giving force... let's be honest on most mornings the reason for getting up and out!

Coffee has for years been encroaching on the patch of tea in the place of the British work force. For me tea will always be my all round, whatever the time of year, whatever the occasion hot drink but first thing in the morning it now has to be coffee. I go through phases where it's decaf coffee but it never seems to last!

The British love their coffee then- but we don't seem to use coffee in cooking as much as other countries (we like a coffee and walnut cake but aside from that, there's not much from the Brit recipe pile that is coffee based).

Likewise I've always found the lack of coffee perfumes a bit strange- though there are more of them out there than there used to be.

I wrote about my love for Noa by Cacharel back in 2008 (hello I've had a blog for 5 years!). I still like and wear it- though less often now I must say- re reading this post has made me wish I'd grabbed it this morning- it's perfect for days when you want to feel hugged by your perfume.

Other coffee smells I like include Comme des Garcons Wood Coffee - though it's no longer available in shops you can get it on the good old internets- it's really quite gourmand and certainly wouldn't be for all- but if you're trying to go decaf, or you just really really love coffee then look this up.

Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe is probably the most obviously coffee scent out there- it sounds like it should be perfect for men- which of course makes me think women should try it! (did anyone read the Sunday Times article in the Style magazine about women wearing men's scent- thought it was very good, though the scent recommendations could have been more adventurous).

In other coffee thoughts... 

Brewed boy does the best coffee in Soho... fact. I was THRILLED to see the Brewed Boy stand at EOTR this year, it was a massive hit and they ran out of coffee by Sunday afternoon!

Macmillan Cancer Support created coffee inspired perfumes for their recent fund raising coffee mornings.
I wish I could have tried them!

Picture of my flat white from  Lantanacafe on Saturday afternoon- a blissful spot for a coffee and catch up on the Saturday papers if you're in the Tottenham Court Road/ Goodge Street area- though watch out for the queues for brunch!


Jeska Hearne said...

I like to wear my husbands scent sometimes but he doesn't like it! So now I just wear it when he is working away x

deal said...

nice blog.