Monday 18 November 2013

Magazine addiction, the Christmas edition

So it has begun... Christmas for me starts at a different time each year and yesterday was the first day I think. There have been whispers... the first looks at decorations, the re watching of the early Harry Potter films (because they are a great transition between Halloween and Christmas- and because I love them, I know I'm in my thirties but well...).

Yesterday though was real. It all started with Home Alone and then followed googling for Nutcracker tickets and wreath making. As the day progressed the annual 'present ideas' list was begun and National Lampoon's Christmas was watched- and today I had my first listen to my going to work Christmas play list.

I am aware it's November and I don't like to dilute the joy of Christmas but there are some things that you need to start early- like making Christmas cakes, chutneys or sauces (this year I'm going to make my first Cranberry sauce... once I've finished unpacking boxes from moving house... again).

Magazines though. I love magazines and Christmas magazines have become a 'thing' most of them are out now and you really want to be reading them from now on because frankly by just before Christmas it's too late for food, decoration and present ideas.

So I've decided you can start reading Christmas magazines now.. frankly with this many to read (see below) I'd get cracking.

Christmas books too are great for getting you in the mood- I like to start light and work up to the joy of a Christmas Carol- but everyone has their favourites (I also love Miracle on Regent Street), a more recent but much loved discovery.

If you are so inclined you can personalise this Christmas countdown so you don't miss anything.


Margarita said...

I used to be obsessed with Christmas magazines as well, but lately I'm just digging Pinterest for Christmas ideas!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I LOVE Christmas magazines. The only thing I love more are Christmas books. I bought a couple for the girls this morning. Nothing better than a lovely illustrated Christmas story to get the festive spirit going. Dxx