Friday 13 June 2008

Postcard teas

Last night I finally visited Postcard teas on Dering Street. It is one of those shops that looks like it has been lost in time from the outside- in a good way- it looks very Dickensian and like a shop that has been there for years, but the paint work is pristine and it is beautifully kept. Peeping inside it looks much more modern but it still seems like a hidden treasure trove filled with mysterious and intoxicating goods from the East.

I ventured in...

Everyone in the shop, customers and staff alike was very charming. The shop is extremely calming and peaceful, partly because of the atmosphere and partly because of the wonderful smell of all the teas.

Goods on offer include many specially chosen rare teas, beautiful traditional tea pots and cups and copper tea caddies. You can also view their collection of tea postcards from over the years.

I came away with the coffee flower tea- a perfect little present for a caffeine loving friend.


Perfumeshrine said...


It must be the equivalent of the Tiffany's store for those "mean reds" days. ;-)

Lovely photo, so British.

Rose said...


Thank- you so much for your comment and I'm sorry I'm only just replying- this is all quite new to me!

It is very like Tiffany's to Holly yes! nothing bad could happen to you at Postcard Teas and they were such lovely people I just wanted to write about it.