Wednesday 10 June 2009

To scent a wedding

I am thrilled that a close friend has asked me to help her choose a scent for her wedding.

I think the love of scent is quite infectious and she has decided that she would like a new perfume to wear on that day so it will always remind her of it.

Knowing how personal fragrance is I am trying very hard not to influence her with any of my ideas about what is a good wedding fragrance or how to choose something.

I have proposed an evening of sniffing at London's best counters followed by some glasses of wine.

I have recently begun mixing oils and she has mentioned she would like me to make her something. I would love to do this but realistically I don't think my efforts are going to a patch on Diorissimo (a classic wedding scent and the perfume I think of when I think about white dresses and bouquets).

It's lovely that my dear friend trusts me to make something and that she wants something personal but I do think the professionals may have come up with something she would prefer in all honestly. This is someone who does not yet know about Frederic Malle, Serge Lutens or Annick Goutal. I think we can find her something timeless, distinctive and charming but I have decided I am going to make her a questionnaire so I can think of some perfumes to try in advance- otherwise her nose is going to be totally over loaded.

These are my question ideas (which can be a little abstract)- please let me know if you have any more- and your favourite wedding scents and recommendations.

If you could describe a landscape you would like to smell like on your wedding day what would it look like?

Would you prefer a scent that is more suited to day time or evening or to layer scents?

Do you want a scent that is at all vintage or nostalgic?

What fragrance do you most enjoy wearing on a daily basis?

Is your favourite cocktail a mojito, a belini, a daiquiri or a Margarita? (you cannot answer all of the above!)

Will you be more of a diamonds or pearls bride?

Which two words best describe how you want to smell on your wedding day? sexy, alluring, luminous, innocent, classic, elegant, happy-go-lucky, joyful, free spirited, natural, graceful


kathleen said...

Hi Rose,

I'm probably old fashioned in this, but I have just 2 words: Orange Blossoms

Unknown said...

A couple of suggestions because I am a dork:
Un Matin d'Orage, Mille et Une Rose, and now for something weirder Angelique Encens.
Love the questions though. Might ask what are some of her already favorite scents and flowers she likes

Tania said...

Maybe you could ask her who her favourite female movie star is? If she says Gwyneth, go classy and 'white' (or ooh, Chanel Beige.. no wait, can't sniff that). If she says Angelina, something a bit more animalic, etc. If she says Mae West, all bets are off.... ;-) (Fracas for Mae, I think!)

Maybe you could make her a bath oil? Get a bottle of a good base oil and add a few drops of your personal essential oils mix. That way she can have a 'bespoke' present from you, and choose a wedding scent as well.

My suggestions for wedding scents would be:
Miller Harris Jasmin Vert (grassy, fresh);
Diorissimo or DK Gold (both lilies, but different);
one of the floral Lutyens, like Fleurs Citronneaux or Fleur D'Oranger;
Amouage Lyric for Women (I love that one);
if she likes roses, there's bound to be a Rosine she would love;
Chloe or Daisy or Gucci Flora, easily-found everywhere and all quite nice;
if she likes fruity florals, a much-better-than-average one is Robert Piguet Visa;
Oh and don't forget Annick Goutal. Songes is gorgeous.

Um, looks like I have lots of ideas! But you're right, if she's new to this you could tire her nose easily. Which shops are you thinking of taking her to?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

how fun for you and what a compliment! I wore Stella on my wedding day *sigh*

Rose said...

Hi Kathleen- no I think it would be lovely for her to wear something orange blossom. I will try and suggest it.

Generally she isn't the girliest girl and wears things like the blue clarins fragrance and citrus fragrances but she just bought black orchid so seems to be having a change in taste!

Rose said...

Hi Jen, yes I think a brainstorm on scents and flowers- I know some but she might have a secret tuberose passion!

Those are lovely suggestions- I especially think mille et une rose would be wonderful. Will see how she feels about rose!

Rose said...

Hi Tania, good idea! If I had to pick someone she dresses like it would be a Jennifer Aniston type look but she isn't like JA at all.

Well I want to take her to Les Senteurs but at the moment we are going on a Thursday evening so I think it' going to be either Mayfair way- Selfridges, Fenwicks, Liberty and John Lewis (always surprised by how good they are on Guerlain!)- or Knightsbridge- so Harrods and Harvey Nics I guess.

Those are beautiful suggestions too. I am a very big fan of Jasmine Vert- and I don't think she has ever really tried anything green. I might need to compile a little sample box.

I'm not sure what to do about snigging overload except suggest we stop for coffee and carry some beans in our pockets!!

Rose said...

Hi Daily, I think Stella is beautiful, very feminine. It would make a lovely wedding day scent. I wear it quite a bit so will have to check how she finds it. As I've said above generally she is more of a citrus or cologne scent wearer but she seems keen to have something a bit different for this- I will have to let you all know!

Rose said...

PS Tania a bath oil is a very good compromise! I feel a whole scent is quite a lot of pressure when I have only made one in my life before!

Tania said...

I love Jasmin Vert too - to my mind it's Giorgio, but classy, if you know what I mean. Green, grassy, and with that apricot/raspberry touch of boronia underneath.

I don't think you'll need coffee beans, a lungful of the air pollution ought to fix it...;-) Maybe if you use mostly scent strips for testing and spray on skin only when she really likes a scent, that might help.

Yes, John Lewis is surprising sometimes! They have Maitre Parfumier et Gantier scents, too, and Roja Dove's line.

Exactly - no pressure! I've done bath and body oils for myself. I just buy a carrier oil from a health food shop's skin care section - coconut or almond oil is good. Usually the bottle it comes in is practical enough to use for the finished product, but of course you can buy a pretty glass bottle if it's for a present. The oil is multi-use - bath, body oil, massage oil.
Then add a few drops of essential oils. Rose and lemon worked nicely for me, as did rose and sandalwood. Be careful with patchouli though! ;-)

fabhat said...

My two regular scents are:

antonia's flowers by antonia's flowers
ambre sultan - serge lutens

Although I love both of those I liked the idea of something different for my wedding day, and initially wanted a rose based perfume. What I ended up with was Jasmine by Labo - which was perfect. It reminded me of summers in the south of france and made me feel happy as soon as I put it on. They also had an amazing velvety rose perfume, which unfortunately wasn't available.

What's extra nice about Labo is the bottle is made up for you there and then - and the label is typed up with what you want - mine has my name and wedding date on it.

Labo is in Liberty's - and worth going there for a sniff anyway...

waftbyCarol said...

Great stuff the idea of making her an oil as a gift
Roja Dove Enslaved would be a VERY memorable wedding scent!
What flowers will she carry/decorate the wedding?
What time of day?
Get the fiancée's opinion too!!

Rose said...

Hi Fabhat, welcome! I like the Antonia's Flowers line- my favourite is Tiemppe Passate- and Ambre Sultan is glorious isn't it.

I am obsessed with Liberty so would love to take her there. Perhaps I should try their orange blossom on her- I quite like the idea of the tradition of orange blossom with the hip coolness of Le Labo. I love their style- especially the old fashioned type writer labels.

Thanks for the idea.

Rose said...

Waftbycarol, thanks for stopping by.

She is carrying large pink antique roses with lots of green leave and the wedding is at 3pm.

I think she does like roses a lot but have never seen her using any rose scented bath/ face/ perfume products- but we should probably think about a scent that will blend well with the flowers.

Hmm how to get the fiancees opinion without giving the game away! I agree it is very important!

vicki archer said...

For a wedding I would have to go for a Serge Lutens favourites are Fleur d'Oranger and Lys. What a wonderful and happy task you have ahead of you Rose. xv

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, a very classy choice! Fleur D'Oranger would be very apt wouldn't it! I know it's a fun one- although I have raging tooth ache so I hope I don't have to cancel to go to the dentist!