Thursday 4 June 2009

Book held captive- again!

I found a message inbox this morning informing me that my order for a brand new copy of Perfume by Jean- Claude Ellena- the book I have been lusting after for months- has been delayed. The publisher don't know when there will be more copies. I will be updated. Sometime. It was due out today. What happened, did they just open the box where they thought the books were and find it was bare?

Perfume books online orders and I don't seem to have much luck. Perhaps this is the universe telling me to get myself down to Piccadily or Charing Cross and get my hands dirty searching.


Unknown said...

Nothing quite like visiting a book store, you always end up finding something delightful.

Rose said...

Hi Jen, it's true- but I think this book is going to be pretty hard to find. Boo.