Sunday 31 January 2010

All the Pretty Horses

I'm reading All the Pretty horses by Cormac McCarthy until the small hours of the night at the moment and then dreaming of galloping all the hours I am asleep and awake.

Victorian horse in vintage typewriter key pendant from Buster and Boo on Etsy.

Winchester .40 Smith & Wesson ring from Jetflair on Etsy.

'Dust Storm' print from Mazzy Blue Studios on Etsy.

'Bridles' print from Ya Rly by Liliya on Etsy.

'Galloping filly' (really) skirt from Anthropologie.

Pony dress from Joy.

'Gentle Giant' print from Angie Muldowney at All Things Original.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Have you been a horse girl when you were younger? I used to look after a pony that bit me and threw me off constantly. I think a lot of our relationship was nurtured by my dreams of how nice it COULD be.

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

I loved that book. My Huzz bought it for me in the early days of our relationship. Its so long since I read it, maybe I'll pick it up again. Thanks for the reminder!

North West London Girl said...

Sounds like a beautiful book, I adore horses (though don't ride but am considering learning). They are intelligent creatures xx

Fran Hill said...

Well, if you wake up in the morning and find yourself cantering around Epsom Downs or Kempton Park, you'll know why.

swiftreverie said...

There is something so knowing about these gorgeous animals. They can pick up on every feeling you have!

Emily said...

I am laughing at Met Mums comment right now:) I never rode horses myself but I've always found them to be a fascinating animal. Would you recommend McCarthy's book? I read No COuntry for Old Men and loved it! x LZ

Rose said...

Hi MM- yes indeed though it feels like another life sometimes- hours in the cold and mud and wet messing about. Ponies and horses can be entirely different creatures I think though both are charming in their ways. Ponies very intelligent and devious! Horses terribly nervy and silly but both very sweet. Also with ponies/ horses their size directly relates to their grumpiness, the tinier the pony the grumpier- and the enormous cart horse types are generally gentle giants.

It can be very nice but there is lots of mud and naughtiness to contend with for sure!

Victoria- I wasn't sure about the lack of chapters or punctuation to start with- which I'm sure everyone days- now I rather enjoy it's relentlessness, though it's hard to stop reading because there aren't many natural breaks. Am enjoying very much- am fascinted by how he makes his style work and how well he paints pictures.

NWL Girl- to be honest the horses are secondary to what is happening in some ways but McCarthy is either really knowledgeable or read up on anatomy etc well.

Hi Fran- that would be funny! I think I might be a bit alarmed- galloping is wonderful until you can't stop!! then TERROR

Swiftreverie- oh yes, very instinctive animals and often good judges of character! terribly nervous and silly sometimes but then you see them with a child or someone older and they can be so gentle. Very interesting creatures.

Hi Emily- this is my first McCarthy and I would definitely recommend this. His style is very unusual and I'm not sure if he always writes this way, with very spare punctuation and so on- it takes time initially but now I really am loving it.