Thursday 7 January 2010

Shaking the snowglobe

I said yesterday that being in London was like being in a snowglobe that had just been shaken really hard- well it was from 3- 4pm anyway.

I find snowglobes very charming- even the quite tacky ones with a gold Big Ben or Eiffel Tower. The idea of being in one probably shouldn't be nice, being trapped inside a bubble you can't leave, but for me, for a time anyway, I think it would be quite fun.

My fascination with these rather sweet, slightly strange keepsakes led me to Etsy and then to BubbleRoll. They have lots of globes available made with old pictures- mostly from films you might have loved. It's this sphere holding Holden Caulfield in a snowy Central Park, with the opening passage of Catcher in the Rye in the background, that particularly caught my eye.

Sadly they don't seem to ship to the UK but as this was my favourite snowglobe of all the ones I looked at I thought I would show you the picture anyway.


Fabulously French said...

I adore them too. I found a website which shows you how to make your own....

Leeann x

Fabulously French said...

Me again, this is a link to a site that I book marked but never got around to making one.

Maybe next Christmas :-)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhh, snowballs. I love snowballs. I love so many little, cute things. It's very hard not to go overboard on the kitsch.
I think I need a room only for kitsch. Like that the rest of the house could be pretty zen and clean all the time.

Emily said...

I loooove snow globes! For me they always stood for dreams of being somewhere particularly special. That one is very sweet indeed. You're right though, it couldn't be that comfortable being stuck in one. I'd rather shake it than be shaken. Though the latter seem all that bad in the end:)

Rose said...

Hi FF- how lovely- thank you so much

Hi MM- I often feel that about kitsch, I love it but it doesn't go with the other part of me that likes clean lines. I think a shelf of globes/ balls would work in a chic room though don't you

Hi Emily- that's true you see them in special places because people buy souvenirs. I think films featuring them so often makes them more special too. I remember asking and asking for one as a child and then getting it on Christmas day and being so happy