Thursday 24 February 2011

5 Daily Essentials

The ever lovely Jeska from Lobster and Swan tagged me in a post about bloggers five daily essentials. Jeska's are here- and very chic.

Mine are above- I decided to literally pull things out of my bag thinking those items at the top of the bag would be the most used. So we have: 2 moleskins (one diary, one for jotting notes because I still like pen and paper for creative thoughts); one inhaler for breathing more easily; one i pod for good sounds and 2 lip things which I'm sort of including as one because I'm a cheat, one is a lip balm and the other is a lip stick which I put on in emergencies when I'm looking particularly tired or my outfit needs a lift.

I surprised myself because the two real essentials that aren't in the picture are my phone (because the picture was taken on it) and my bank card which is very necessary. I also don't seem to have any perfume! (but worry not there is an atomizer buried in there somewhere).

Thanks very much to Jeska for asking me to play the game.

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