Wednesday 16 February 2011

What's on the outside

I think all the time about changing the way my blog looks- and I often regret letting go of my old school original template (although I still love my header- thank you Jayne).

I know that the professional thing to do is to become a .com or and change to a different template but I quite like my blogspot- and if it's good enough for the Sartorialist then why not?

How do other people feel- not so much about my blog but about how blogs in general look and what they like and don't?


Marie said...

I like clean blogs. Ones where the posts take up most of the space and the backgrounds are light and bright. I also like blogs where it's easy to find things like, archives, tags, blogrolls, about etc. Some of them make it harder than they ought to! I went .com because I couldn't switch to wordpress with the same name and like it but sometimes wish I'd stuck with blogger. There's a lot to be said for the ease of blogger!

I also like the odd change on a blog. Something a little different to make it a little more interesting every now and then.

Looking forward to seeing what lovely ideas you have.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I like yours right now as it is very clear and easy to read. I'd like to change mine but the Blogger design feature hasn't been working for some time. Stats was out too forever and came back, so as soon as the Design works again I'm going to make a few changes.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose! I really like the look of your blog now- it is very clean. I know what you mean about grappling with having my own website or staying on blogspot. I like what you say about the Sartorialist- it's true!

Re: my book. I have a fiction book and am also working on the nonfiction book based on my blog.

Hope you're well xx

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

oooh the thought of changing one;s blog. A little like the thought of changing hair styles?
I like blogger. I too toy with the idea of changing things around... I really like it when blogs have their favourite blogs listed somewhere. I find reading blogs with dark backgrounds difficult. We're creature's of habits so, I like knowing some blogs will have long posts to read so I'll read them when I have time yet I also like the short and pretty ones too.
I like your blog.

Rose said...

Thank- you everyone- I think this is something I will constantly be in two minds about but I'm thrilled you all like the clean look of the blog (which is something I try very hard to stick to).

Thanks as ever for all your support x

Jayne said...

I like the way you have styled your blog - especially the date and the greyed box with 'Posted by Rose.' It's very clean and easy to read. I'm so glad you still like the header but please feel free to change it any time you like - it's yours to do as you will with!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhhh, a familiar thought. I think I am going to change the look of mine soon, just a little bit here and there and here... I am tempted to join the choir of compliments for your current blog design, and I do love your header, but to be honest... I think the classic, very traditional look suited your blog even better. If I were to read your posts with eyes closed (I know, hard to imagine but I guess you know what I mean), I'd always imagine a very classy, sophisticated and in its very best sense old-fashioned design to accompany them.
PS: Can I cook you dinner chez moi next week on Thursday or Friday? Or do you have any plans on Saturday or Sunday next week? I am home alone with little L...