Sunday 6 February 2011

Strange Invisible perfume

One my major perfume discoveries last year was Strange Invisible Perfumes, a range of completely natural (and importantly) certified organic perfumes made in America. You can read more about Strange Invisible Perfumes and their ingredients here.

My new found love for the line is in fact purely driven by the scents I have found which are interesting, daring and inventive; that they are natural is, to me, a bonus. However if for you this is an important factor (and I can increasingly see that it would and perhaps should be as much for fragrance as it is for skincare) then these are the best perfumes I have found that do not contain any chemicals.

I have tried the following perfumes from this line but there are more and I would love to hear about the ones I haven't tried yet if anyone has.

Musc Botanique: A perfume that smells of musk without containing any. Musk although an extremely popular smell is of course derived from animals and as such some people disagree with its use in perfumery. Strange Invisible perfumes have crafted this scent entirely from botanical ingredients and I must say it is really quite successful at mimicking the more ish, nuzzling quality of musks. It also has a very pleasing salt quality. This is a very successful unisex scent that I would recommend to anyone who wants to wear a non floral, musk type scent but who prefers to only wear perfumes that contain natural ingredients.

Fire and Cream: This perfume has a delicious bright orange, marmalade colour in the bottle. On the skin this is also an orange scent- with top notes of the fruit itself and orange blossom and beautiful basenotes of a particularly rich grassy vetiver as well as sandalwood and patchouli. For anyone who loves orange and or vetiver and anyone who likes to be a little bit different.

L'Invisible: The signature scent of the line and the perfume they describe as the 'little black dress' of the collection. With beautiful and overtly sexual notes of amber, moss and ylang ylang they are quite right- this would be the ideal natural perfume for a date night. It has quite a pronounced lemon citrus top note which rescues it from being too heady and old fashioned.

Prima Ballerina: This is absolute lovely but as I have already reviewed it I will say no more than this is my personal favourite and direct you to my former review here.

Aquarian Roses: Is obviously an aqua rose scent- now with my love of all things rose and particularly salt notes I always expect to love aquarian roses (Rosine and Lostmarc'h have their own versions as well). Honestly I have never found they live up to my expectations but this one is the best I've found. The rose oil is clearly of a very high quality and the perfume smells exactly like a rose garden when it's raining; perhaps because this is where natural perfumery works best, it can really mimic smells you would find in life and would never expect to find in a bottle, but you can.

Fair Verona: A very beautiful name for a perfume, I wondered if it would be rather hard to live up to- but this scent does fair Verona and Juliet great service. As with all the other scents in this line the quality of the raw ingredients in Fair Verona shine through. This is especially true of the jasmine, which is listed on their website as being a combination of oils from that flower.

In many ways a classic scent Fair Verona could, in other hands, have been over- poweringly feminine but here the jasmine retains a freshness which prevents this. That lightness may come from the pink grapefruit note, which also suggests youth and vibrancy. The scent is not without complexity though and sandalwood stops it from being too carefree. A scent for women of all ages who want to smell like ladies but not girls.

Peloponnesian: The only specifically male fragrance I have tried from this line (although I think several of the scents that are not listed as unisex could easily be for an open minded man). Peloponnesian is quite simply everything you want from a man's scent (well that I want, as a woman). It is a very well balanced blend of the classic citruses that do tend to dominate men's cologne type smells together with some of the more unusual ingredients that do seem to be characteristic of this companies way of working. Those rarer ingredients include mountain sage honey and the botanical musk which I discussed above as a major ingredient in L'Invisble- which again here adds a salty aspect which works incredibly well for me. It would be very hard for a man not to be well dressed in fragrance terms in Peloponnesian.

Photos taken in Content/ Wellbeing who offer the range of Strange Invisible (and other natural perfumes and beauty products) in their lovely London shop and online.

I was given samples of all the scents reviewed here which in no way influenced my opinion of the products.


Ines said...

Strange Invisible Scents have been getting a lot of love in the blogosphere and your reviews just made me eager to try them as soon as possible. That Fire and Cream has been on my list of things to try for some time now. :) I'm a huge orange blossom fan.

Deborah said...

This is a fantastic post, found on a trail from French Essence - thank you! I'm just doing final edits on a novel in which a strange invisible scent (invisible in that it has no obvious origin) is a catalyst. As I have a Provence-based writing and book blog, I might ask if I can link to this at some stage - would that be OK?

Rose said...

Hi Ines- yes, they really are very good- interesting and fresh in a world of perfume that become tiring ;-). This is orange fruit and blossom, unusual but really good.

Hi Debroah- I'm thrilled you found me and yes I'd be very happy for you to link to this post.

What is your blog? I'd love to hear more about your book- any novel with perfume in it is one I want to read!

Dolly said...

This is such an informative and easy to read post, chock full of amazing details on a subject I do not know much about. Just what scents I like and don't like! I am definitely going to visit the stockists in Marylebone on my next trip home to London. I want to try the Musc Botanique and L'Invisible in particular. Thank you.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Aha, another Deborah here? The confusion is mutual and across blogs, as far as I'm concerned. ;-) The fire & cream perfume sounds like something I'd like to try.

I hope you are well!


PS: Had to put together some loose strings during the past two weeks, there hasn't been too much writing done, I am afraid. But give me another week or two and I'll send something your way, my dear and greatest (read: only) fan!

Vanessa said...

I was lucky enough to visit the SIP store in LA last December and tried a bunch of these in one go, mostly on paper, a couple on skin. These were Arunima and Essence of IX. The former was a floral oriental which was actually more pleasant on card - it was strong without having any particularly distinctive notes. Essence of IX, on the other hand, was a boozy, high definition rose (parfum strength as I recall). Can't see me wearing it, but if you want a bright, honeyed, oaky rose scent, this is a good contender!

Scent Hive said...

Lovely reviews of SIP fragrances! So glad you were able to experience them.


Rose said...

Hi Dolly- the shop in Marylebone is just lovely and the scents really are fabulous- you wouldn't know they were natural either except that the qualit of the oils is so high.

Hi MM- it is very confusing having another Deborah but I'm sure we'll manage ;-) looking forward to seeing you when you're back x

Hi Vanessa- I didn't know they had a shop there- I went last year and must have totally missed it- damn! they are such interesting fragrances, a great find

Hi Trish- you are definitely the expert on them so I'm very pleased you enjoyed the reviews- I can't wait to try more

eula_w said...

Those are really a strange perfume. I love reading your page! It is always so interesting.

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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- Just found your review on SI Perfumes! I visited their boutique in Venice the other week and was very impressed have written a review on it for next week. Aren't they great? Pricey though... xo