Monday 7 July 2008

Everything in moderation

This year I have been trying to put into action something I have been feeling in the back of my mind for many months; that I need to curb my consuming.

The problem is I'm not and never have been someone who bulk buys rubbish and hoards my purchases away in cupboards never to be seen again. I am already someone who loves virtually everything they buy and the only time I don't use something I buy it's likely to be because I love it so much that I have that child like fear of using it.

However although I may be discerning in the sense of only buying what I feel a passion for I am a magpie and feel almost consumed with how lovely some things are and do end up buying my fair share of 'stuff'.

So reigning myself in is a long process and I sometimes lapse.

I have really tried all year to buy less of everything and take time to enjoy what I do have. Also to think that it's okay if something lovely passes me by because I have other lovely pieces.

When I have bought things I have for the most part appreciated them more for the wait or the chase. However I don't think I can honestly say I have bought substantially less for all my efforts. This is because despite what columns in newspapers or magazines might say I do need some of the things I buy and they enrich my life if not my bank balance; I do need books, some magazines, some make- up and some clothes. I am not going to feel bad about that but I am going to keep trying to buy only what I do need and to love and appreciate what I already have. This isn't just for my wallet, bulging cupboards or leaning walls, it's because I want to take time to enjoy what I have.

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