Wednesday 2 July 2008

Summer in the City

Things have been a little bit grumpy here recently so here is my list of fabulous things that make me happy during the hot English summer we're having at the moment. For summer in England can be fleeting and should never be unappreciated.

1) Wimbledon fortnight; everything about it- the fact that the Wimbledon micro city is like England is in your imagination; everyone has wonderful manners, speaks to each other politely, queues patiently and perfectly and there is absolutely no litter, mess or clutter. The only negative I can think of is the highlights programme now being at 8pm instead of 9pm- I don't always get home in time to see it and I can't understand why, when the BBC has so little live sport left to show, they would stop showing the live tennis in favour of highlights of action earlier in the day which they used to show once play had finished. Ah well.

2) Fresh hyacinths in a white ceramic vase making my whole room smell like a dark corner of a forgotten bluebell wood.

3) A long drive through the country with a stack of new Cd's and open roads. Now all I need is the vintage sports car or Morris Minor soft top with up to the minute stereo and I'll be extra happy.

4) Reading indoors in the shade with all the windows open with the curtains billowing and my hot skin getting a little bit cool. This is best with a large bowl of fruit (preferably raspberries) and Elderflower cordial with sparkling water.

5) My toes not having been covered for at least 2 weeks- I love shoes and have well over one hundred pairs but also love to be barefoot and throw my shoes off to walk in the drying grass at every opportunity at the moment.

6) Sleeping without the covers and then waking about 4am and pulling them around me and feeling so cosy- it's like 2 sleeps, a hot tropical one and a cosy, first chill of Autumn one.

7) The natural anti- depressant qualities of the strong sun. I find it like new year when Summer properly arrives, you get that new start feeling and I find I can follow my Midsummer resolutions far better than my New Year Midwinter ones.

8) The fact that everything suddenly looks so beautiful. I suppose it's the change that opens your eyes. I get a little carried away with the intoxicating nature of the lush flowers and new smells. Yesterday I almost took a picture of a wheelie bin with flowers growing around it because it was pretty- can a wheelie bin ever really be pretty?!

9) The fact that I actually want to eat salads rather than feeling obliged to.

10) Being able to crack open the summer fragrances now that the winter ones seem too heavy and heady. It's like rediscovering old friends and certain scents remind me of certain events and places- I appreciate them that much more when they're worn in the weather they suit best. Summer favourites are Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil, Diptyque Philosykos (am OBSESSED with this at the moment) and Carthusia Mediterraneo.

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