Monday 14 July 2008

Fresh linen

Having recently moved I have a new bed. I decided that a new room deserved new bed linen and am now the proud owner of crisp white and cream sheets.

For some reason I have never been particularly drawn to the cotton/ linen/ fresh/ laundry smells before but since the weather got warmer I have been craving them.

My favourite scents that make you smell like you're wearing the crispest, cleanest clothes even in 100 degree heat on the tube are below.

Estee Lauder were one of the first fragrance houses to have a cloth smell perfume with their original White Linen fragrance. Last year they launched a new variation on the scent to Pure White Linen and this fragrance has since had several special editions. I think this is a very nice, fresh easy to wear scent which is probably the best option for those who want a laundry scent but don't have access to niche brands via shops or don't want to buy fragrance on the internet unsniffed. It is sophisticated but uncomplicated and smells of exactly what it says it does!

My current favourite laundry scent is Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume. All the Clean scents are based around everyday fresh, clean smells as the name implies, Their website says they have a cult celebrity following and I have to say that although I normally wear fragrance to export me to somewhere else or to enhance a mood there is something very relaxing and satisfying about wearing such a delightfully fresh, uncomplicated scent. I have taken to wearing my Clean Fresh Laundry for work wear I don't want to force a strong scent on my colleagues (or want them to force theirs on me...) but where I do want to smell fresh and nice, despite the lack of air conditioning.

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