Tuesday 1 July 2008

Weekend bliss shattered

I had a wonderful weekend, eating perfect salmon sandwiches in sun drenched Sussex, then having delicious Italian food at a family birthday and then at Wimbledon, with the relaxing popping of tennis balls and clinking of glasses.

Today I have come back into town proper, central London, and found me and the pace of life are not agreeing!

Firstly I had to buy a present with someone for a mutual friend. I love buying presents and enjoy taking time and trouble to find something a person would enjoy. Buying with others can obviously be a bit of a minefield but most of the time people can agree. In this case I know that we are not terribly matched in taste so we went for the acceptable luxury bath line route and chose some Diptyque shower gel. This for a perfume enthusiast who loves Diptyque seemed a good but not controversial idea to me. I was then shoe horned into a change to a nice but fairly generic beaded bag. I was also sent to fetch it missing all of my break and via an unfortunate cone based problem covered in ice cream.


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