Tuesday 1 September 2009


Like the heroine of a period novel I like to walk... a lot. I walk all over London and always have done. In my opinion it's the only way to get to know the city better- I know I will be walking for the rest of my days to get to know it all thoroughly but part of me quite looks forward to that.

So on Saturday I took a long walk into central London. On arrival, which for me was Regent Street, I was hot, dusty and perspiring (a lady never sweats, she perspires). I wandered into L'Occitane and spritzed some of their Green Tea and Mint perfume and suddenly I felt as fresh and clean showered as I had first thing in the morning (first thing for me being about eleven).

I admit that I can be very guilty of not fully appreciating clean, citrusy, fresh smells. I know they are lovely and vibrant and all those things but in the back of my mind when I think of them I can't help but think... boring! Now green tea and mint is fresh and clean and can out do citrus at being upbeat but it also manages to be unusual, interesting and feel a bit eclectic when I wear it.

I had rather forgotten this perfume and rediscovering was like re finding a little bit of myself I suppose. So this is just to say Green Tea and Mint, I love you, I should not have forsaken you and I won't forget you again. You make me feel fresh but delicious and you are so reasonably priced. You leave me feeling minted.


Metropolitan Mum said...

You must try Hermes' Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. Very fresh and citrus-y to start with, but developing a spicier note (frankincense I think) later on. All in all like the refined version of The Vert a la Menthe, I dare to say.
It's by far one of my favourites. Although I had two friends who told me I'd smell like their mums.
For winter, I am looking for an even spicier, slightly heavier scent. I love YSL's Elle, but don't want to resort to it for the 3rd winter in line. Looking forward to your future reviews!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I was enjoying the fragrance wafting from you as I read your post. Lovely.

I must say I agree with Met. Mum. above - it is important to me to never wear the same fragrance as my mother, mother-in-law or grandmother.

Once my husband bought his mother MY special perfume as a gift!!!! I was furious with him. He thought he had really done something nice for his mother.

Perfumeshrine said...

Feeling minted: great expression!
Green tea and minty scents do have a quality of lifting spirits. I highly rec Herba Fresca too, if you haven't tried it already. It eschews the obvious toothpaste allusions for a freshness that is herbal, but not quite. The Bulgari green tea is also quite refreshing, as is Eau de Campagne (used to, at least, from what I recall) which curiously plays on tomato leaf, an unusual green, slightly tannic smell.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I think I would love that combination of fragrance. Very fresh.

Oh, remember when I wrote you lamenting the disappearance of Diorissimo Eau de Parfum?? Well, I finally got hold of someone of power at Dior in NY who told me that the company is gearing up for a big release of that fragrance. It will be re-released this autumn and will only be available at Saks. At least they haven't thrown it away as I had feared.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love the packaging for this scent. I've never tried and didn't even know they did it! Must stop by their shop on 3rd Street and check it out...

Rose said...

Hi MM- funnily enough Un Jardin Sur le Nil is one of my summer scents- and one of the few fragrances I have bought within two minutes of trying. I do adore it but the The Vert Menthe is more like a cologne to be spritzed very liberally. I actually think sur le nil is very sexy, it doesn't mean to be which is why it is, I think- so not Mumsy!

Bonnie- I love that the scents our family where remind us so much of them- I do occasionally wear L'Air de Temps which my Mother wears- but I agree it can feel strange!

Hello E- I like the Bvlgari, in fact I think it's what got me interested in green tea perfumes. I haven't tried Herba Fresca but will try and remember to as you always make great recommendations.

Hi Pamela- that is such wonderful news about Diorrissimo, it deserves to be sung about from roof tops- it's absolutely stunning.

Daily- do try it and see what you think. I think it's a great day cologne type scent and it's really quite reasonable which means I don't feel bad spritzing way too much!