Monday, 21 September 2009

Yasmin le Bon for Wallis

Wandering past Wallis on Oxford Street earlier this week I saw this bright, peridot green dress and had to stop. It's part of the Yasmin le Bon for Wallis collection and is stunning. I saw a picture of Yasmin wearing this recently and assumed it was a designer number.

She obviously looking stunning in it- but actually I think this colour is beautiful on many people- Chartruese is such an interesting colour, I don't know why it isn't used more- it works brilliantly with everyone's favourite black but also with purples and deep pinks- both colours that lots of people enjoy wearing.

The dress inspired me to wander in to Wallis- which I would have passed by otherwise- and I have to say the whole YLB collection is really very good- it's small but I think that means the pieces included have been really thought about. My favourites are 'the' dress and this quite Ossie Clarke shorter one.

I have always though Yasmin le Bon was a great dresser, she mixes vintage and modern and always looks like herself in clothes- you notice her before you notice the clothes although they are often beautiful and intricate styles. I also like the way she mixed things and especially her jewellery. I am not a big fan of celebrity ranges but I really wanted quite a few pieces of this one and I liked the mood of it- good pieces designed by someone who has been in the industry a very long time and probably doesn't need to be working but, it would seem, has put time and thought into the clothes with her name on them.

Now I just need somewhere I could wear the heavenly peridot dress. There are not enough black tie functions in my life!

All pictures from the Wallis website except the picture of Yasmin le Bon in the dress, courtesy of here


Jenavira13 said...

I wish my life had black tie functions! Otherwise my current clothing addiction is etsy for vintage clothing.

Rose said...

Hi Jen- Me too- i did get to go to them at University but that was a long time ago- well some time ago.

Vintage black tie is the ultimate shopping though. Etsy is so much fun, although like e-bay I end up buying things for fear I won't ever be able to get them again.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Great clothes! I find it very hard to wear chartreuse. I don't think it compliments my skin tone but do appreciate it on other people when they wear it...

Fabulously french said...

Wow, Yasmin looks great and I love the clothes.


Rose said...

Daily- I would think it would look lovely on your from your picture but there are some colours we have to accept we can't wear. I admire people who can wear orange but I know I will never be able to!

Hi Leann, She looks great doesn't she- lucky lady, she's ageing very well.

Metropolitan Mum said...

The colour is called Chartruese? It's absolutely not for me - unfortunately it makes me look terribly sick.
But I agree with you on Yasmin looking fabulous. She is a real beauty. And yes, more black tie events wouldn't hurt either.

Rose said...

Hi MM- Yes Chartreuse, like the drink! well that's what I would call it. I did think perhaps it wasn't so good on blondes but I've seen Kate Moss look fabulous in it- although Kate Moss is Kate Moss I guess.