Friday 18 September 2009


I was thrilled to be given the honest scrap award by the delightful Daily Connoisseur whose blog I always enjoy and who has always been very kind to me here at a Rose Beyond the Thames.

So here are ten bits of scrap about me.

1) I am an only child (no I'm not spoilt and yes I do sometimes wish I had siblings- but sometimes I'm glad I don't have them!)

2) I couldn't say yellow until I was six years old- at least

3) I can never decide on favourite things- I can't tell you my one favourite film, song or even colour I don't think. I don't know if this makes me indecisive or just someone who wants it all!

4) I re- read The Pursuit of Love every year, it's like pulling on a cashmere blanket (actually I've never had a cashmere blanket but I've had a scarf and I can imagine what a blanket would be like)

5) My favourite pizza is with parma ham, artichokes and a soft egg

6) I don't wear foundation

7) I hate long nails

8) I think my signature is rather boring but I can't really change it now can I?

9) I literally adore being in the cinema- I love the peace of not being able to talk and being able to concentrate on just one thing. I regularly go to the cinema in the height of summer and sit in the dark very happily, knowing the sun is blazing outside.

10) I can sleep virtually anywhere- and in the full daylight. I think I am part English, part Irish, part door mouse.


Marie said...

This is a great post and lovely to get to know you a little better :) Your pizza sounds just yummy, I must try it soon!

Rose said...

Hi Marie- Thanks- I had to try and think of things I haven't revealed before! The pizza is good, I add soft eggs to virtually every pizza I can, there's something about the yoke

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Congratulations! You deserve it ;)

I am jealous that you don't wear foundation... that must mean your skin is flawless...

Rose said...

Hi Daily, Thanks! well I'm sure the skin could still be improved! It's very very pale so I do the palest of tinted moisturisers. I have just never mastered foundation and they are all a bit dark- but I think I should really buy some of the Japanese stuff and learn to apply properly!!